24. November 2015

How fit is Europe in when it comes to nature conservation?

Scarce swallowtail

On 20 November, EU environment commissioner Karmenu Vella will present the first interim results of the “fitness check” on the European nature conservation directives. One of the panels of experts instructed by the EU commission has already published its initial conclusions in the run up to the conference.[more]

24. November 2015

Rarest Cat on Earth Finally Included in the Red List

A camera trap in the Munella Mountains (Northern Albania) took a picture of this Balkan Lynx.

Is there a reason for joy, when a species appears on the Red List? In this case, yes. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) acknowledged the Balkan Lynx as a distinct subspecies of the Eurasian Lynx and subsequently classified it as ‘critically endangered’.[more]

10. November 2015

EU reports on aspirant nations' progress

Von Wasserkraftwerken bedroht: die Vjosa in Albanien

The EU Commission has published reports today on aspirant nations' progress towards EU accession. The commission registers the fact that there is still a considerable way to go, most particularly in the area of nature conservation.[more]

30. October 2015

Bern Convention calls for halt to hydropower development in Mavrovo National Park

The planned hydropower plants threaten one of the last refuges of the Balkan lynx.

This summer an international expert team visited Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia on behalf of the Bern Convention’s Standing Committee. Their mission: to assess compatibility of the projected hydropower plants with the status of protection of the Park. Their main findings leave no doubt...[more]

29. October 2015

Symposium for the protection of the Balkan lynx

More than 80 stakeholders met in Albania to discuss protection for the Balkan lynx.

To mark the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the programme to protect the Balkan lynx, international experts met in the Dajti National park in Albania from 21 to 22 October.[more]

14. October 2015

Distinction for a distinguished friend of birdlife

Jonathan Franzen, the bird watcher

Today the US American writer Jonathan Franzen received the 2015 EuroNatur Award on the island of Mainau in Lake Constance. “With this award we honor Jonathan Franzen's great commitment to the protection of birdlife in Europe” says Christel Schroeder, President of the EuroNatur Foundation.[more]

8. October 2015

STOP Mokrice dam

Danube Roach (Rutilus virgo), an endangered fish species that would lose its spawning ground if Mokrice was built.

Today, national and international environmental NGOs as well as experts call on Slovenian Minister of the Environment Irena Majcen to refuse approval of the projected hydropower plant Mokrice on the Sava river. [more]

7. October 2015

Jonathan Franzen receives EuroNatur Award 2015

On 14th October, Jonathan Franzen will receive the 2015 EuroNatur Award for his active involvement in the protection of birds.

On 14th October, Jonathan Franzen will receive the 2015 EuroNatur Award. “We are honoured to offer the award to Jonathan Franzen for his active involvement in the protection of birds” says Christel Schroeder, President of EuroNatur. [more]

21. September 2015

Nature Conservation Work 2014: EuroNatur Takes Stock

In our new annual report you can read what we achieved for the protection of the “Blue Heart” and many other natural treasures of Europe over the past year.[more]

14. September 2015

Ray of Hope in Adriatic Crime Scene

The rare squacco heron, too, is benefiting from regular patrols.

Hutovo Blato Nature Park in Bosnia-Herzegovina is actually one of the epicentres of bird hunting on the Balkans. But now there’s reason for hope that the region will see a lasting improvement of the situation for migratory birds. [more]

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