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21. September 2015

Nature Conservation Work 2014: EuroNatur Takes Stock

In our new annual report you can read what we achieved for the protection of the “Blue Heart” and many other natural treasures of Europe over the past year.[more]

14. September 2015

Ray of Hope in Adriatic Crime Scene

The rare squacco heron, too, is benefiting from regular patrols.

Hutovo Blato Nature Park in Bosnia-Herzegovina is actually one of the epicentres of bird hunting on the Balkans. But now there’s reason for hope that the region will see a lasting improvement of the situation for migratory birds. [more]

11. August 2015

Three new insect species discovered in Macedonia

A closely related caddisfly species of the 3 newly discovered species: Drusus discolor

In collaboration with Wolfram Graf, assistant professor at the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, a team of scientists has discovered three previously unknown aquatic insect species inside the Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia.[more]

5. August 2015

Stop building frenzy at Lake Ohrid

Please help to halt the building frenzy at Lake Ohrid – sign the petition now!

The unique and rich biodiversity of Lake Ohrid in the border region of Macedonia and Albania is in danger of falling victim to a massive building boom. An alliance of Macedonian NGOs, including EuroNatur partner Front 21/42, now runs a petition to save Lake Ohrid. Please sign the petition, too![more]

24. July 2015

Hydropower Plants on the Una River Halted

Must not be destroyed! The Una’s wonderful river landscape.

The city council of Bihać halted the construction of two hydropower plants in the Una National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The planned hydropower plants Martin Brod and Dobrenica would reduce the status as a national park to absurdity and would destroy one of the most magnificent rivers in the Sava River Basin. [more]

20. July 2015

Wonderful Nature’s wonders

Bright dancing polar lights, a curious caterpillarbird and a six-legged harpist: For this year’s photo competition "Natural Treasures in Europe" 433 photographers from 36 countries have gone on photo safari and captured the wild wonders of Europe’s nature in fascinating pictures.

Have a look at the winning entries!

9. July 2015

Flying a flag for the turtle dove

EuroNatur flies a flag for the turtle dove!

Recently the prime minister of Serbia evoked a wave of indignation throughout Europe. In parliament he stated that in order to bring money into the public purse Serbia should give permission to Italian hunters to shoot the turtle dove. Nature conservation NGO Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia (BPSSS) initiated a protest campaign that is also supported by EuroNatur.[more]

2. July 2015

Best-selling US author Jonathan Franzen to receive EuroNatur Award 2015

Jonathan Franzen, the bird-watcher

Jonathan Franzen is a passionate bird-watcher and a great champion of bird protection in Europe. On the 14th October EuroNatur Foundation is honouring him with the EuroNatur Award 2015.[more]

29. June 2015

Stork habitat under threat in Europe

Signing of the Cigoc Declaration

The 12th conference of European Stork Villages was held in Čigoć in the district of Sisak in Croatia from 25–27 June 2015. Well over 50 representatives took up the invitation from the European Stork Village of Čigoć. [more]

28. May 2015

Another successful breeding season on Lake Skadar

Exploring their habitat: fledged pelicans on Lake Skadar.

Good news again from the Dalmatian pelicans’ breeding grounds on Lake Skadar: during their last monitoring tour in April, National Park administration staff counted 29 fledged pelican chicks.[more]

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