2. October 2013

Innovative ideas for cross-border protected area

Participants of the study tour to Goričko Nature Park

“The cornerstones for a tri-national protected area in the Šar Mountains have been laid – now this concept has to come to life”, says EuroNatur project manager Thies Geertz. To pick up ideas to implement in their own project, local stakeholders from Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo visited Goričko Nature Park in Slovenia at the borders to Austria and Hungary. The study tour was organised by EuroNatur.[more]

9. September 2013

Annual report 2012: Strong voice for the European nature

The loss of biodiversity continues unabated, there is still no sign of a binding climate change convention, and day-in day-out valuable natural and cultural landscapes are being sacrificed for infrastructure developments. But there are also encouraging examples! Some you might find in reading our recently published annual report 2012.

Download the full annual report 2012

16. August 2013

Nature's Masterpieces

Magically glowing autumn leaves, a moor frog in nuptial colours and a botanical beauty with turban: for this year’s photo competition "Natural Treasures in Europe" 640 photographers from 26 countries have gone on photo safari and captured the wild variety of Europe’s nature in fascinating pictures.

Have a look at the winning entries!

10. August 2013

Strengthening the Stork Conservation Network

Europe’s White Storks are endangered by habitat loss.

From August 7th to 10th, 2013, the Slovenian Stork Village Velika Polana hosted the 10th annual conference of the European Stork Villages network. About 40 participants from 10 countries met up to develop solutions for the future of stork conservation.[more]

15. July 2013

First “Amazon of Europe day”

The Drava holds one of the last pristine riverine landscapes in Europe.

Supported by EuroNatur and WWF, numerous partner NGOs from Croatia and Hungary, together with politicians from both countries, celebrated the first international “Amazon of Europe day” on July 14th. The event aimed for calling attention to the high ecological value of Europe’s last pristine river systems and the threats they are facing.[more]

8. July 2013

Albania’s Prespa Lakes become Ramsar site

Foto: One of the ecologically most valuable parts of the Balkan Green Belt: the Prespa-Ohrid region.

Now it’s official: The Government of Albania declared the Albanian part of Prespa National Park a Ramsar site. EuroNatur assisted the preparatory work in the past years.[more]

18. June 2013

Jonathan Franzen talks about bird-hunting in the Balkans

Even in huntung ban areas bird hunting ist a huge problem on the Balkans.

In March 2012 American bestselling author Jonathan Franzen went to the Balkans on a fact-finding mission on bird-hunting for National Geographic. The alarming findings of his journey can be read in the latest issue of the magazine.[more]

8. May 2013

Huge flamingo colony on Ulcinj salt pans

Currently over 900 flamingos are on the Ulcinj salt pans.

“This year the Greater Flamingos are using the Ulcinj salt pans not just as a staging post but for breeding too. This is a great success story!” says EuroNatur’s project leader Romy Durst. There are currently over 900 of these fascinating birds on this Montenegrin lagoon.[more]

15. April 2013

Tivat Salina has become a Ramsar nature reserve

An oasis for migrating birds: the salt flats of Tivat in Montenegro.

After having done a lot of persuading for many years the work of EuroNatur partner CZIP has paid off: Last Wednesday the Montenegrin government officially declared Tivat Salina a Ramsar Nature Reserve. [more]

11. April 2013

A network for the Prespa region

The smaller lake at Prespa is home to the largest breeding colony of Dalmatian Pelicans with over 1000 pairs.

‘This is a really impressive example of active citizenship in the Balkans,’ says Gabriel Schwaderer, EuroNatur’s managing director, as he praises PrespaNet, the new community initiative run by Environmental NGOS. [more]

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