9. September 2014

Nearly 100,000 against dams in Mavrovo National Park

One of Europe‘s oldest national parks shall remain free of new dams. Until yesterday 97,804 people signed a letter of protest against two projected hydropower plants inside the Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia. Today, the petition was handed over to the Macedonian Prime Minister Nicola Gruevski. This action was part of the Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign. [more]

4. September 2014

Mavrovo Petition: Help us reach 100.000 signatures!

We have already collected over 92,000 signatures for the preservation of the Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia and against the two intended hydro dams inside the park. Those dam projects put the habitat of the last Balkan Lynxes at risk, along with many other species.


Please sign the petition and tell your friends!

21. August 2014

Wolf, Egyptian Vulture, Black Pennant, and Black Widow recorded at the Vjosa River in Albania

The Mediterranean black widow is one of eleven spider species recorded for the first time in Albania.

In the context of the Days of Biodiversity an initiative of the German GEO magazine – an international field research event took place at the Vjosa river in Albania in mid-June. The remarkable results will be published in the latest issue of the GEO magazine, which will be released tomorrow. [more]

13. August 2014

Dangerous journey to the wintering grounds

Bird hunting on the Balkan Peninsula is threatening also the German breeding populations of the black-tailed godwit.

Millions of birds migrate along the so-called Adriatic Flyway from Central, Northern and Eastern Europe or Siberia across the Adriatic Sea to Africa. But every year the eastern Adriatic region becomes a death trap to far more than two million migratory birds. [more]

14. July 2014

Protection needed for Amazon of Europe

On the gravel islands of the Drava birds like the rare Little Ringed Plover find an ideal habitat.

On the occasion of the second international Amazon of Europe Day last Sunday, the EuronNatur foundation for nature conservation, the Austrian WWF and a number of other partner organisations took the opportunity to raise awareness about the ecological value of the Mura, Drava and Danube rivers and the threats they face. [more]

10. July 2014

25 Years since the fall of the Iron Curtain

Still existing in Bohemian Forest National Park: the western capercaillie

The coming November will see the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain. To commemorate this event the Nature Conservation Foundation EuroNatur is presenting the EuroNatur Award for 2014 to the Czech Environmental and Nature Conservation Organisation Hnutí Duha (Friends of the Earth, Czech Republic). Over the last two decades Hnutí Duha has shown outstanding commitment to the protection of the Bohemian Forest National Park. [more]

1. July 2014

Rescue Plan for the Sava River

Goran Gugic, leader of Lonjsko Pole nature park, is signing the declaration.

Last Friday and Saturday, representatives of nature conservation NGOs and protected areas along the Sava River gathered for the first time and founded the SavaParks Network. [more]

26. June 2014

Hands off Mavrovo National Park!

Protest in front of World Bank Country Unit in Vienna. Representatives of Riverwatch (Cornelia Wieser and Ulrich Eichelmann) hand over 77,930 signatures against the planned funding of a hydroelectric dam in the Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia.

The World Bank Country Unit for Southeast Europe based in Vienna had unusual visitors this morning. Representatives of the environmental NGO Riverwatch handed over a letter of protest - signed by 77,930 people - against the proposed funding of a hydroelectric dam in the Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia.[more]

12. June 2014

Pelicans heading for a record

The Dalmatian pelicans of Lake Skadar National Park are providing further good news: Already 48 pelicans that hatched this year are now swimming on Lake Skadar. That’s the highest number for 37 years. It was in 1977 that a comparable breeding success was observed for the last time. [more]

21. May 2014

Baby boom on Lake Skadar

Already busily exploring their habitat: fledged pelicans on Lake Skadar.

„For a long time, this is the most successful breeding season for Dalmatian pelicans on Lake Skadar.” This statement of joy by scientist Andrej Vizi of the Natural History Museum of Montenegro came after he and his colleagues counted 28 fledged pelican chicks during their last monitoring tour in April.[more]

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