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26. March 2015

First photo of Balkan Lynx in Kosovo!

A minor sensation: the first camera trap photograph of a Balkan Lynx in Kosovo.

A joyful moment for EuroNatur partner ERA (Environmentally Responsible Action group): A few days ago, a camera trap set by the lynx specialist team of the Kosovar nature conservation NGO for the first time documented a Balkan Lynx in Bjeshket e Nemuna National Park bordering Montenegro.[more]

18. March 2015

Study confirms: The Heart of the Huchen beats on the Balkans

Rare and huge: the Huchen.

As a contribution to this year’s UN World Water Day (22.3.), representatives of the fields of science and fisheries in cooperation with environmental NGOs present a study about the distribution of the Huchen on the Balkan Peninsula. The results clearly show that the Balkan rivers constitute the last big hot spot for this species.[more]

12. March 2015

The Vjosa River at a Crossroad – Dam Tsunami or National Park?

Die Vjosa ist einer der letzten Wildflüsse Europas.

Today, the international NGOs Riverwatch and EuroNatur, together with their local partner EcoAlbania, are presenting a paper, which for the first time reveals the full extent of the threat to the Vjosa catchment area. According to this paper, the last big wild river of Europe is at risk of complete destruction.[more]

25. February 2015

The threat to Ulcinj Salina is still very much alive

Ulcinj Salina is a precious habitat for the Greater Flamingo. The bird is perfectly adapted to salt water life

For many species of ducks and waterbirds the Ulcinj Salina represents one of the most important resting places on their route through the Mediterranean. The precious natural heritage of Ulcinj Salina is in danger of falling prey to the interests of developers of mass tourism.[more]

12. February 2015

Massacre of Europa’s migratory birds

Bird hunters flock to the wetlands, shooting at everything in their path.

Shot down, plucked and sold on the black market. This is the fate of the hundreds of thousands of migratory birds that fall victim to bird hunting in Serbia and Romania each year. In “The Massacre of Europe’s Songbirds”, an article for the American news magazine Newsweek, Luke Dale-Harris exposes the Mafioso background to this bird massacre.[more]

5. February 2015

Support for the Sava River

On the occasion of the World Wetlands Day past Monday, the Sava River received cross-border backing. Representatives of protected area administrations and other public institutions from all the riparian countries signed a common declaration of intent to step up efforts to protect the ecological values of the Sava, its floodplain forests and its tributaries across the borders.[more]

30. January 2015

2 February 2015, World Wetlands Day

Among the most ecologically precious sections of the European Green Belt: the Prespa region

Seven environmental organizations - among them EuroNatur - call upon the new Greek Government to finally ratify the Prespa Park International Agreement.[more]

19. December 2014

Vjosa in Albania: The municipalities of Përmet and Çarshovë want a National Park instead of dams

Signing of the declaration in Charshova.

On Wednesday and Thursday the first public discussions about the future of the Vjosa Valley took place in the cities of Çarshovë (16.12.) and Përmet (17.12.) in southern Albania. While official plans of the government envisage the construction of eight dams along the river, the mayors and people of the affected communities support the alternative idea of establishing a national park.[more]

9. December 2014

Dam projects: Case against Macedonia

International support for the critically threatened Balkan Lynx from the Bern Convention.

Due to the projected construction of hydropower plants in the Mavrovo National Park, proceedings under the Bern Convention are being initiated against Macedonia. Plans for the hydro projects shall rest until the situation is resolved. [more]

1. December 2014

NGO Protest: Sava River at Risk

The Sava downstream of Zagreb, one of Europe´s finest rivers. According to the Sava Commission this stretch is “heavily modified”.

In an open letter, fifteen environmental non-governmental organisations protest against the intention of the International Sava River Basin Commission to adopt a management plan for the Sava River basin.[more]

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