20. March 2014

Dam Tsunami to Threaten Balkan Rivers

River Tara in Montenegro.

As a contribution to this year’s UN World Water Day (22.3.) on the topic of “Water and Energy”, EuroNatur and Riverwatch draw attention to the impending destruction of rivers on the Balkan Peninsula. Disguised as green sources of energy, more than 570 hydropower plants are planned to be built between Slovenia and Albania. [more]

11. February 2014

National Geographic reports on Albania’s ban on hunting

Hunter in the Albanian Buna Delta - the new law bans all hunting for two years.

Recently, Albania decided to ban hunting throughout the whole country for two years. The government wants to take advantage of this period in order to better protect migratory birds and other wildlife against poaching.This landmark decision was to a considerable extent inspired by an article by bestselling author Jonathan Franzen published in National Geographic. [more]

7. February 2014

Bulgaria’s building boom threatens Nature Park

Strandzha Nature Park is threatened by massive construction projects.

Strandzha Natural Park on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast faces irreversible impacts by huge construction projects, threatening the unique natural treasures of this exceptional part of the Balkan Green Belt.[more]

5. February 2014

Albania decides to ban hunting for two years

Benefits from the hunting ban - the crane.

Albania decides to ban all hunting throughout the whole country for two years. This initiative was announced already two weeks ago by the Albanian Minister of the Environment Lefter Koka. Recently it was communicated to the public that the Parliament now passed this moratorium on hunting. [more]

16. January 2014

Spiegel magazine: Europe’s last wild rivers to be sold off

More than 570 dams are currently planned for the Balkans. Together with its partner Riverwatch, EuroNatur is campaigning against the destruction of Europe’s last wild rivers. This precarious situation is the subject of Philip Bethge’s article “Dams Threaten Europe's Last Wild Rivers” in the current issue of Spiegel magazine.

To the article: Dams Threaten Europe's Last Wild Rivers

13. January 2014

Save the blue heart of Europe

One of the last wild beauties of Europe: the River Vjosa.

One of Europe’s oldest national parks is in danger: two large hydropower plants are to be built in Macedonia’s Mavrovo National Park with the help of international funding. Both the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) plan to fund these projects. But now objections are being raised. 119 environmental scientists from around the world are protesting about the plans.[more]

6. December 2013

EuroNatur in search of the most beautiful photos of nature in Europe

„Sanderling“ von Edwig Vanhassel, Siegerbild des Fotowettbewerbs 2013

Magic moments and breathtaking sceneries: this is already the 21st time that EuroNatur, the nature heritage foundation, is launching the nature photo competition "Nature treasures of Europe". We are looking forward to receiving the most beautiful and spectacular photos of animals, plants or landscapes in Europe.[more]

5. December 2013

‘Housing programme’ for the European Roller

Thanks to the nesting boxes, things are getting better for the European Roller in the saline.

In 2013 seven pairs of European Rollers bred in the Solana Ulcinj, Montenegro. Next year, the number of breeding pairs might rise significantly, as a donation campaign initiated by EuroNatur permitted to further improve the breeding conditions for this endangered bird species.[more]

22. November 2013

More territory for the lynx

For the first time there is evidence of the presence of Balkan lynx in the Pelister National Park.

Until recently it was just a suspicion, but now photos taken by a camera trap have delivered the long-awaited proof: the territory of the Balkan lynx, a species threatened with extinction, also includes the Pelister National Park in southern Macedonia.[more]

7. November 2013

Small Measures with Big Effect

„Hunting prohibited“, says the sign in the nature reserve Hutovo Blato. Rangers have ensured its compliance since this summer.

Good news comes from one of the bird hunting hot spots on the Balkans. In the beginning of October, bird watchers counted ten times as many birds on the Svitava Lake as one year earlier. Svitava Lake is located in the nature and bird reserve Hutovo Blato, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Bosnian part of the Neretva Delta.[more]

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