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19. December 2014

Vjosa in Albania: The municipalities of Përmet and Çarshovë want a National Park instead of dams

Signing of the declaration in Charshova.

On Wednesday and Thursday the first public discussions about the future of the Vjosa Valley took place in the cities of Çarshovë (16.12.) and Përmet (17.12.) in southern Albania. While official plans of the government envisage the construction of eight dams along the river, the mayors and people of the affected communities support the alternative idea of establishing a national park.[more]

9. December 2014

Dam projects: Case against Macedonia

International support for the critically threatened Balkan Lynx from the Bern Convention.

Due to the projected construction of hydropower plants in the Mavrovo National Park, proceedings under the Bern Convention are being initiated against Macedonia. Plans for the hydro projects shall rest until the situation is resolved. [more]

1. December 2014

NGO Protest: Sava River at Risk

The Sava downstream of Zagreb, one of Europe´s finest rivers. According to the Sava Commission this stretch is “heavily modified”.

In an open letter, fifteen environmental non-governmental organisations protest against the intention of the International Sava River Basin Commission to adopt a management plan for the Sava River basin.[more]

29. October 2014

Albania still a death trap for migrating birds?

Illegal bird hunting is still the order of the day

Since March 2014 there has been an absolute ban on bird hunting in Albania. Officially. But in fact masses of migrating birds are still being shot by poachers. In his article “ Killing field for Migrating Birds“ in the online magazine „Yale Environment 360“ Phil Mc Kenna reports on the the situation he saw in Albania.[more]

17. October 2014

Mystery Adriatic Flyway

Only a few years ago, even among experts the Western Balkans was a blank area on the map of bird migrations. But today we know that millions of birds use this route twice a year to migrate between their breeding and their wintering grounds. The film “Adriatic Flyway” is vividly and impressively depicting, what threats the migratory birds are facing on their journey, why it is so important to preserve the valuable wetlands along the Eastern Adriatic as resting grounds for cranes, ferruginous ducks and others, and why there’s every reason for hope.

See the film on vimeo

8. October 2014

Exceptional dedication for European symbol of peace

National Park Šumava is an important part of the European Green Belt (background: Mount Lusen in the adjacent Bavarian Forest National Park).

Today the Czech environmental and nature protection organisation Hnutí Duha (Friends of the Earth Czech Republic) received the EuroNatur Award 2014. Hnutí Duha has been for two decades working for the protection of National Park Šumava in an exemplary manner. Šumava is an important part of the European Green Belt. [more]

7. October 2014

Crime Scene Adriatic Coast

The crane is only one bird species that suffers from bird hunting on the balkans.

The protection of the migrating birds was the central focus of the Second Adriatic Flyway Conference which took place from 1st to 3rd October in Albania. More than 70 experts from 20 countries congregated for the conference in Durres. [more]

2. October 2014

No more bears in Albanian bars!

The sad reality in Albania: a large number of its brown bears spend their lives in captivity.

“Brown bears belong in nature, not in cages,” says Gabriel Schwaderer, head of the EuroNatur foundation. This is also the message of the recent video documentary “bears belong to nature” produced by EuroNatur’s partners the PPNEA, which puts the spotlight on the subject of Bears in Captivity in Albania for the first time.[more]

1. October 2014

A milestone for strengthening transnational cooperation

The Bulgarian-Turkish border: for many years this was a no-go area.

More than 100 participants from 23 countries adjacent to the former Iron Curtain – the European Green Belt – as well as from Canada and the U.S. met in Slavonice (Czech Republic) for the 8th Pan-European Green Belt Conference. A milestone of the Slavonice Conference has been the establishment of the European Green Belt Association by 23 organisations from 14 countries.[more]

25. September 2014

From Iron Curtain to Lifeline for Nature

Streift im Nationalpark Böhmerwald noch umher: der Luchs.

The transformation of the Iron Curtain into a lifeline for Nature is the great vision that inspires the “European Green Belt” nature initiative. The contributions of Hnutí Duha, the Czech environmental and nature conservation initiative, are crucial to the realisation of this idea. This october the organisation will be given the EuroNatur Award.[more]

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