9. April 2013

Killing bears in the name of manliness

Threatened by poaching: Spain’s brown bears.

In the past weeks brown bears in the Cantabrian Mountains of Northern Spain increasingly fell victim to poachers. In addition to the economic crisis, it’s mainly machismo that is fuelling the poaching of bears and other wildlife, as shown by documents leaked to EuroNatur from Spain.[more]

9. April 2013

Set off on a treasure hunt along the Eastern Adriatic

One of the standard works for nature tourists is now available in English: The “Adriatic East Coast” EuroNatur Travel Guide covering the natural and cultural treasures of this whole coast right across national borders in one practical, compact volume.[more]

4. April 2013

Romanian Brown Bear On Air

Data from M1 allows new insights in the ecology of brown bears.

Experts of the EuroNatur partner organization Milvus in Romania laid out their baits day after day for three weeks – and they were successful. On 26 March, the Romanian environmentalists managed to capture a brown bear in the Eastern Carpathians, to measure it and to equip it with a GPS identification collar. [more]

18. March 2013

Film recommendation: Wetlands on Fire

Intact wetlands, where migratory birds find protection from hunters and can uninterruptedly gain new strength for their further journey, have become rare along the Eastern Adriatic coast. The film “Wetlands on Fire” shows the outstanding importance of Mediterranean salines for migratory bird protection and demonstrates alternatives to bird hunting. “Wetlands on Fire” was financially supported by EuroNatur.

Watch the film “Wetlands on Fire”

2. February 2013

Is Slovenia giving away its role model position in bird protection?

To be placed on the hit list: the Black Grouse.

Up to now Slovenia’s laws on hunting had an exemplary character, with only six bird species to be hunted legally. But this role model position is now at stake. The Slovenian hunting lobby is pushing to put more species on the hit list.[more]

17. January 2013

Dalmatian pelican: record numbers at Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar is a very important wintering and resting area for the Dalmatian pelican.

"Those numbers are really sensational", says EuroNatur project manager Romy Durst. Birdwatchers documented 60 Dalmatian pelicans on Lake Skadar on the border between Albania and Montenegro at an international water bird counting session last Saturday.[more]

12. December 2012

Greater Spotted Eagle shot down over Skadar Lake

Ornithologist,  Mihailo Jovicevic, with the greater spotted eagle shot down near the Skadar Lake.

Bird hunting in the Balkans claimed a high-profile victim at the end of last week. A half-dead greater spotted eagle was found by a hunter in the Skadar Lake National Park near the Montenegrin town of Podgorica, where it had been shot down. [more]

4. December 2012

Council of Europe decides in support of the wolf

Receives support by the Council of Europe: the wolf.

The wolf continues to be strictly protected in Europe. This decision by the Council of Europe’s relevant committee is for the fourth time dismissing a motion by Switzerland to weaken the protection of the grey predators.[more]

27. November 2012

EuroNatur in search of the most beautiful nature photos of Europe

Winner of the photo competition 2012: "frogs in the rain" by Konrad Funk

One of Europe’s most renowned nature photo competitions is celebrating its anniversary. Marking the 20th year of the annual event EuroNatur is launching the nature photo competition "European Treasures of Nature 2013". We are looking forward to receiving the most beautiful and spectacular photos of animals, plants or landscapes in Europe. [more]

14. November 2012

Second photo of Balkan Lynx in Shebenik-Jablanica Nationalpark

Smile please! For the second time a Balkan Lynx was photographed in Shebenik-Jablanica National Park.

Good news from Albania: With a camera trap EuroNatur's partner organization PPNEA successfully shot a picture of a Balkan Lynx in the Albanian national park Shebenik-Jablanica last Friday.[more]

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