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A heart for Europe’s last paradise forests

The Romanian biologist and campaigner Gabriel Paun will receive the EuroNatur Award 2016 in about two weeks for his exemplary work to protect Romania’s primeval forests. [more]

Cross-border nature conservation instead of barbed wire

Last Saturday conservationists, citizens and local decision-makers from nine countries in Southeast Europe have set an example in cross-border cooperation for the protection of the European natural heritage. [more]

228 scientists from 33 countries support Europe’s last wild river

Just in time for the World Rivers Day on September 25, the last big wild river of Europe – the Vjosa in Albania – receives prominent support from all over the world. [more]

Feast for the eyes for nature lovers

You don’t need to go the most far-flung corners of the world to take impressive and moving photos of nature. More than 300 photographers, amateurs and professionals, from 22 different countries answered the call from the EuroNatur nature foundation to capture the beauty of Europe’s nature in their fascinating images. [more]

Mystery Adriatic Flyway

What exactly is the Adriatic flyway? What threats migratory birds are facing on their journey along the Eastern Adriatic and why it is so important to preserve the valuable wetlands there as resting grounds for cranes, ferruginous ducks and others?

See the film “Adriatic Flyway” to learn more

A visual feast for nature lovers

Breathtakingly beautiful mountains, magical lakes and a multifaceted wildlife: Some 200 nature enthusiasts have gone on a photographic foray for the cross-national Green Belt photo competition, capturing the beauty and diversity of this region along the former Iron Belt in expressive pictures. [more]

Birds and natural paradise Lake Skadar

Lush riparian forests and extensive shallow water zones: Lake Skadar is a perfect habitat for thousands of birds, including rare Dalmatian pelicans. The short film “Skadar” explores the impressive scenery and unique beauty of the lake and its surroundings in the borderland of Montenegro and Albania. [more]

Boia Mica valley in Fagaras: Europe’s wildest valley deserves protection

Probably the wildest valley in the heart of Europe has been discovered recently in Romania. At the same time the Romanian NGO Agent Green warns today that this paradise could soon be destroyed. [more]

What did we achieve for Europe's nature in 2015?

The 2015 EuroNatur Activity Report shows once again that we can do something about the destruction of our European natural heritage if we try to do so together! [more]

Advocate of Europe’s last old-growth forests

A few weeks before the Romanian legislative elections in November 2016, the EuroNatur Foundation will send a clear signal for the protection of Europe’s last primeval forests. On October 12th, Romanian conservationist Gabriel Paun will receive this year’s EuroNatur Award. [more]