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A kayak for Rama

Amid the applause of hundreds of spectators kayakers marched with their kayaks through the Albanian capital of Tirana today. [more]

International protest against river destruction

Vjosa – No Dams!” More than 150 people – kayakers from all over Europe, Albanian parliamentarians and international environmental organisations - gathered at the banks of the Vjosa and called upon the Prime Minister to stop the projected damming of the Vjosa. [more]

Old-growth forests destroyed rapidly in Romania

Although all primeval forests are strictly protected, they are still being destroyed - the most recent case was discovered in the Făgăraş Mountains. EuroNatur is calling on the Romanian government to immediately meet national and EU legal provisions by ensuring that all primeval forests in Romania be save from destruction. [more]

Administrative court stops licence for hydropower plant inside Mavrovo National Park

According to an official statement by the Macedonian administrative court, plans for the large hydropower project Boskov Most in the Macedonian Mavrovo National Park are devoid of any legal basis. [more]

Old-growth forest saved from clear-cutting

Good news from Romania: In the country’s south-west, a primeval forest covering more than 400 hectares has been saved from imminent deforestation. The Oltean forest in the Ţarcu Mountains is among the last few remnants of Europe’s once widespread primeval beech forests. Last week the responsible authorities announced to make it a protected area. [more]

Bird hunting in the Balkans endangers the lives of our migratory birds

May 10th is World Migratory Bird Day. This year the Day of Action is being run under the motto “...and when the skies fall silent? Stop the illegal killing, taking and trading of migratory birds!” [more]

No hydropower dams inside Mavrovo National Park!

On Wednesday, an international alliance of kayakers, anglers, residents and nature conservationists protested against the construction of hydropower plants inside Mavrovo National Park. [more]

Protest against KELAG dam construction on Huchen river

An international alliance of 200 kayakers, anglers, residents and nature conservationists on Saturday protested on the river Sana in Bosnia and Herzegovina against the hydropower plant “Medna”, which is currently under construction. Constructor is the Austrian-German energy company KELAG. [more]

Spotlight on the Balkan Green Belt

Nine countries, nine photo competitions, one goal: Cooperating in an international photo contest, nine EuroNatur partner organisations from the countries along the Balkan Green Belt are inviting all nature enthusiasts to capture the beauty of the region along the former Iron Curtain in impressive photos. [more]

Balkan Green Belt to be greener

From 13th to 16th April 2016 50 participants from altogether 13 European countries met in Băile Herculane, Romania to strengthen the green spine of our continent. Central focus was the southernmost section of the most extensive biotope complex world-wide, the Balkan Green Belt. [more]