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“European Stork Village” 2016 designated

A new village has joined the already impressive network of European Stork Villages on Saturday. On 11th June the nature conservation foundation EuroNatur awarded the title of European Stork Village 2016 to the Greek village of Poros. [more]

Scientists criticize dam projects on the Vjosa

Between June 8 and 10, international experts met with scientists of the University of Tirana in Albania to discuss the future of the Vjosa river. They adopted a joint position paper, which was handed over to the Albanian Ministry of the Environment. [more]

Spotlight on the Balkan Green Belt

Final sprint for the cross-border photo competition “Balkan Green Belt”: Ending 30th of June, both residents and visitors of the unique habitat network are invited to submit their most beautiful photos of the region’s overwhelming nature, specific cultural features, and people to the participating EuroNatur partner organisations. [more]

Award-winning rural development

EuroNatur partner organisation Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) is among the winners of the European Natura 2000 Award 2016. In cooperation with four other NGOs, BBF developed a program that serves both for protecting nature in Bulgaria’s Balkan Mountains and for creating sustainable economic prospects for the local population. [more]

Albania extends hunting ban by five years

Yesterday the Albanian Parliament decided to extend the ban on hunting throughout the country for a further five years. Despite the protests from hunters, the Ministry of Environment’s bill was passed with a small majority. [more]

EuroNatur: Forest destruction in Romanian national parks has to stop

In spite of affirmations by the government to the contrary, and despite primeval forests are protected by law since 2008, destruction of old-growth forests continues unabatedly in Romania. A trip to the Domogled-Valea Cernei National Park in the southwest of Romania revealed shocking forest destruction. [more]

The other Balkan route

23 rivers in six countries, 390 river kilometers: on Friday, May 20, a very unique activity ended in the Albanian capital of Tirana – the Balkan Rivers Tour. [more]

A kayak for Rama

Amid the applause of hundreds of spectators kayakers marched with their kayaks through the Albanian capital of Tirana today. [more]

International protest against river destruction

Vjosa – No Dams!” More than 150 people – kayakers from all over Europe, Albanian parliamentarians and international environmental organisations - gathered at the banks of the Vjosa and called upon the Prime Minister to stop the projected damming of the Vjosa. [more]

Old-growth forests destroyed rapidly in Romania

Although all primeval forests are strictly protected, they are still being destroyed - the most recent case was discovered in the Făgăraş Mountains. EuroNatur is calling on the Romanian government to immediately meet national and EU legal provisions by ensuring that all primeval forests in Romania be save from destruction. [more]