© Christof Wermter

Advocate of Europe’s last old-growth forests

A few weeks before the Romanian legislative elections in November 2016, the EuroNatur Foundation will send a clear signal for the protection of Europe’s last primeval forests. On October 12th, Romanian conservationist Gabriel Paun will receive this year’s EuroNatur Award. [more]

EuroNatur takes leave of Luc Hoffmann

On the 21st of July, 2016, Swiss environmentalist, EuroNatur laureate and founder of Mava foundation Luc Hoffmann passed away at age 93. [more]

Nature’s treasures under the spotlight

The delicate filigree of dew across butterfly wings, one of our feathered friends turns animal tamer and a frog takes a relaxing bath: more than 300 nature enthusiasts have gone on a photographic foray for this year’s Europe’s Nature Treasures photography competition, putting Europe’s natural treasures under the spotlight with artistic flair, humour and empathy. [more]

The Return of Ibis and Spoonbill

They were missing for more than 20 years. Now the spoonbill and the glossy ibis are back to the Serbian nature reserve Obedska Bara – a wetland complex around the largest oxbow along the Sava River. In the course of a monitoring tour in early June, staff of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina province and Secretariat of Urbal Planning and Environmental Protection of the Province found four breeding pairs of ibises and six to eight pairs of spoonbills. [more]

More room for our storks

From 29 June to 3 July 2016, all life revolved around the white stork in the Hungarian village of Nagybajom. More than 60 representatives of "European Stork Villages" from 13 different European countries converged on this little town of just three and a half thousand inhabitants in southwest Hungary. [more]

Blue Heart in Brussels

This week Balkan rivers gained valuable attention. In particular the EU Commission and the European Parliament want to put more emphasis on making sure that renewable energy development on the Balkans will not be to the detriment of rivers. [more]

Well-filled nurseries of the pelicans

Baby boom of Dalmatian Pelicans at Lake Skadar in Montenegro: Project staff counted 40 nestlings by mid-June. And this number will be increasing, as in the nests on the breeding platforms several eggs are still being incubated. [more]

Rare, endangered, under threat – Red Lists for the Balkans

How do you draw up a Red List for a country? What criteria should be applied? How do you assess the state of different species for the Red List? Issues surrounding the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) were the topic of training for 30 staff from EuroNatur’s partner organisations at a workshop held in Veliko Gradiste, Serbia from 6 to 10 June. [more]

“European Stork Village” 2016 designated

A new village has joined the already impressive network of European Stork Villages on Saturday. On 11th June the nature conservation foundation EuroNatur awarded the title of European Stork Village 2016 to the Greek village of Poros. [more]

Scientists criticize dam projects on the Vjosa

Between June 8 and 10, international experts met with scientists of the University of Tirana in Albania to discuss the future of the Vjosa river. They adopted a joint position paper, which was handed over to the Albanian Ministry of the Environment. [more]