Central Concerns

EuroNatur - Speaking up for Nature in Europe

EuroNatur - European Nature Heritage Fund

We are the experts for nature conservation in Europe, devoting our energies to the protection of the most important habitats on the European continent. Further we work to link up ecologically precious areas by protecting wildlife corridors or creating new ones on land, on waterways and in the air.

Our central concerns – What makes EuroNatur one-of-a-kind?

  • Creating cross-border protection of wild life and wild life habitats: Nature does not recognise political borders. EuroNatur is devoted to the protection of wild animals such as wolf, bear, lynx, monk seals and migrating birds and their habitats across national boundaries.
  • Nature conservation on a large scale: EuroNatur ensures the protection of large-scale intact natural landscapes and valuable, traditionally cultivated cultural landscapes in Europe. We contribute to the planning and implementation of large-scale conservation areas and develop scientifically researched species protection projects for wolves, bears, lynxes and migrating birds.
  • A powerful public presence at political levels in Europe: EuroNatur is an advocate of European nature in Brussels. We fight for an economically and ecologically wiser direction in European agricultural policies and alongside this for a policy of nature protection which creates perspectives for the future for Man with Nature. We support, coordinate and channel all the various efforts of our partners in order to maximise our political influence and achieve our goals in nature protection and agricultural policy.
  • Ecological Regional Development: We promote and support sustainable solutions for rural areas, working with all the stakeholders from farmers to consumers of farm products. In its projects EuroNatur demonstrates in practice how sustainable rural development can protect nature and offer work and quality of life to people living on the land.
  • Man-with-Nature Perspectives: For those living in EuroNatur project areas we create livelihood prospects which are compatible with the ecology e.g. through developing structures for nature tourism, bird-watching, regional marketing of products etc. In this way we win the local people over to working with us as partners in our goals of nature conservation and so create the foundation for the sustainable success of our initiatives.
  • Capacity building: We support the people in the EuroNatur project areas with our experience and expertise. We train local partners so that they themselves can protect their natural surroundings effectively. With our international European experience we can help smaller nature conservation organisations to gain greater acceptance from the general population and make sure that their concerns are heard at government level.
  • Setting up networks – bringing together expert knowledge, experience and dedication: EuroNatur not only works to link the most important wildlife habitats in Europe we also bring together scientists, nature conservationists, farmers, politicians and entrepreneurs across national borders. We help our partners to implement their ideas with our financial support and expertise. And they, for their part, contribute their valuable knowledge of local conditions in their countries, their contacts and their experience.
  • Long-term projects instead of quick fixes: EuroNatur starts at grass-roots level working to raise consciousness of nature conservation and acceptance of initiatives instead of imposing ready-made concepts top-down on the locals and then leaving them to manage on their own.  EuroNatur invests in building up long-term relationships and our goal is to achieve long-term success. In a large number of project areas we can already rely on relationships with local people built up over many years.
  • Nature conservation as a path to human reconciliation: EuroNatur sets up communication across political borders engendering understanding and an exchange of ideas and experience.

Do you want to help?


Future needs nature. EuroNatur cares for it. Please use your possibilities to help. With your donation you will make an effective contribution to a more livable environment.

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