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Wolf protectors favourite for a prize

EuroNatur is delighted with the nomination for the Traveller 2009 Award for its Polish partner WILK. Every year, the magazine National Geographic Poland awards this prize in five different categories. WILK has been nominated in the category “Social Initiative of the Year”. With this award, the committee recognises the successful work of WILK: Their awareness training creates the required acceptance among the Polish population for a continued protection of wolves and other predators.

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The Last Few of its Kind

Team members of CBD Habitat, the Spanish partner of EuroNatur, announced a true sensation at the end of September 2009: at the beach of Cap Blanc, the Mauritanian part of the Atlantic Coast, a monk seal was born. An occurence like that was last reported in the 15th century!

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Persistent fight for a change of minds

Inter alia thanks to the commitment of Green Balkans, partner of EuroNatur, one third of Bulgaria is part of the Natura 2000 ecological network of protected areas. The implementation is difficult, though. Corrupt local policymakers contribute to destroying nature. Therefore, positive signals from Brussels are even more important. In mid January, the European Commission reinforced that it would refuse a softening of the Natura 2000 legislation. In an interview with EuroNatur, Dimitar Popov from the nature protection organisation Green Balkans reported about the difficulties they have in Bulgaria.

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Starlings are Waiting in the Wings

While Germany is still covered under ice and snow, migratory birds in the Mediterranean area are already waiting in the wings to return to their breeding grounds. Species like starlings, the Grey Heron, Eurasian Woodcock or the Northern Lapwing are just waiting for milder weather in our country to start their journey home. It is irresponsible that the bird hunting is in full swing in countries like Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania in January and February, and partly continues until March.

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EuroNatur Photography Competition "Nature Treasures in Europe 2010"

The EuroNatur Foundation in cooperation with „natur + kosmos“, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, EuroNatur Service GmbH and NaturVision, arrange the 17th nature photography competition "Nature Treasures in Europe". Send us your most beautiful photos of nature in Europe: animals, plants or landscapes!

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The Fall of the Berlin Wall was Impetus for Nature Conservation without Borders

”Pulling down the Iron Curtain did not only liberate people all over Europe but it also opened new perspectives for nature conservation”, states Gabriel Schwaderer, Managing Director of EuroNatur, at the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th, 2009.

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Bulgaria Violates European Nature Protection Law

In several cases Bulgaria has failed to appropriately protect its natural heritage and has violated the regulations under the nature protection law of the European Union. These are the accusations which were addressed to the Bulgarian government by the European Commission at the beginning of October.

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Greek island community near Rhodos protects migratory birds from Germany

Tilos is an excellent example to show how undisturbed resting areas along migration routes contribute to an effective bird protection.For their long-time commitment in bird protection the Greek community Tilos was awarded with the EuroNatur prize.

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New EuroNatur-project: Dragoman Marsh in Bulgaria

Today with an official meeting of all project partners, representatives of local and national administrations and local people of the small town of Dragoman a new project for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development was launched in western Bulgaria.

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Germany’s most rare breeding bird is illegally shot in Croatia and Serbia

The Ferruginous Duck is one of the most rare breeding birds in Germany. Hence the shooting of hundreds of Ferruginous Ducks continuing during their breeding season, as it is happening in Serbia and Croatia these days, was fiercely criticised by the European Nature Heritage Fund EuroNatur.

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Construction works on the Jiu hydroelectric power plant still going on

It is scandalous: The romanian appeals court declared the building permission of the Jiu hydroelectric plant several times, lately in December....

Hydroelectric power station on the River Jiu halted for the time being

Encouraging news for the Romanian River Jiu: the building permit has been declared null and void by the courts. As a result the Jiu may continue to...

Study proves: Small power plants, big damage

European-financed small hydropower plants damaging pristine Balkan landscapes

Second part of the documentary series "Out of Control" reveals further intrigues

Destruction of old-growth forests in Romania: logging devastates parts of Semenic National Park, too ++ EuroNatur and Agent Green: unacceptable...

Mavrovo-Nationalpark: Demand for a halt to construction of hydroelectric power plants

Bern Convention: Macedonian government requested to halt construction of hydropower plants in national park

The Variety of Nature in Focus

Photo Competition “Europe’s Natural Treasures” starts

Investigation Video: Primeval Forest Destruction in Romania’s National Parks

EuroNatur and Agent Green: This is currently Europe’s biggest environmental drama!

Ray of hope for Balkan Lynx

The Balkan Lynx has to be strictly protected as a distinct subspecies of the Eurasian Lynx. This decision has been adopted unanimously at the meeting...

Albanian industrial confederation demands halt of dam plans at Vjosa River

In Albanian society, the opposition against the projected building development of the Vjosa River is receiving further support. In an open letter to...

Hydropower Tsunami on Balkans

New hydropower report: Dam tsunami on Balkans is speeding up ++ 2.800 hydropower projects planned, 187 under construction ++ more than 1.000 of them...

#GivingTuesday: Join in and save the ancient forests!

The countdown has started: On the 28th of November is #GivingTuesday. On this day the initiative of this name will call on people all over the world...

White Storks go online

The network of European Stork villages now has its own website. Visitors to the site can find out about this charismatic bird,...

Network for the conservation of the threatened Karst Poljes

There was lively participation in the concluding international workshop for the preservation of the Karst Poljes in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Fifty two...

New blood for lynxes on the Balkans

Three lynxes caught by camera trap in Albania and Macedonia

German Environmental Prize awarded to Hubert Weiger

He is one of the trailblazers of the European Green Belt. Yesterday, Prof. Dr. Hubert Weiger received the German Environmental Prize in Braunschweig....

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