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© Christian Stielow/EuroNatur
© Christian Stielow/EuroNatur

Since its inception in 1987, the internationally active foundation EuroNatur has been campaigning to connect people and nature in a peaceful Europe. However, this peace, which has long been taken for granted, is now at stake. Nationalistic tendencies are on the increase and societies are drifting apart. But Europe must not be allowed to fail! Despite some valid criticism, for example, of its common agricultural policy, the European Union is a success story and guarantor of our freedom and prosperity.

To mark the occasion of the European Parliament elections taking place from 23-26 May 2019, we asked EuroNatur partners and friends from nine member states to share with us their own messages for Europe. Meet these committed Europeans via their short video statements (subtitled in English) and cast your vote at the end of May - for a Europe which is diverse and open to the world!


Europe is more than the sum of its parts! Click the national flags on the puzzle pieces and take a look at the messages of our European partners.

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Future needs nature. EuroNatur cares for it. Please use your possibilities to help. With your donation you will make an effective contribution to a more livable environment.


Twice a month, EuroNatur provides you with the latest campaign and project information about Europe's natural heritage free of charge and at first hand.


New chair for EuroNatur’s Presiding Committee

++ Prof. Dr. Thomas Potthast new president of EuroNatur Foundation ++ Dr. Anna-Katharina Wöbse takes office as vice-president ++

Spotlight on nature’s diversity

Start of “Europe’s Natural Treasures 2020” international photography competition

Rebuke for Albania: Bern Convention insists on Albanian government to suspend hydropower projects on Vjosa river

The Bern Convention Standing Committee has decided to keep the case against the Albanian government in regards to the projected Pocem and Kalivac...

Planned revision of Albania’s protected areas

The Albanian government is currently preparing a reappraisal of the country’s network of protected areas. In an open letter to the government in...

Europe’s rivers are damned by dams

++ New study reveals extent of hydropower frenzy all over Europe ++ Plans for more than 8,700 new hydropower plants ++ Devastating impacts on...

Holiday complex on the Karavasta Lagoon blocked

Plans for a large holiday complex on the Albanian Karavasta Lagoon have been scrapped after the government in Tirana threw out the project. As a...

New loggings and fires threaten the Domogled National Park

Tree felling is intruding further and further into the forest wilderness of the Domogled National Park at Valea Cernei in the southern Carpathian...

The European Green Belt: Nature conservation connects neighbours

++ The fall of the Berlin Wall marks the birth of the European Green Belt ++ Nature conservation along the former Iron Curtain as a Central European...

Murders in Romania's virgin forests shock public opinion

EuroNatur and Agent Green: Romania must intensify fight against mafia and corruption in forestry sector

ECJ Judgement: No Relaxation of Protection for Wolves

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has placed very tight constraints on the granting of permits allowing wolves to be shot. In their ruling on 10...

“Brave women of Kruščica” receive EuroNatur Award 2019

++ EuroNatur Award goes to dedicated river conservationists from Bosnia-Herzegovina ++ Dam boom threatens the last wild rivers of our continent ++

Another victory for free-flowing rivers inside Mavrovo National Park

++ Construction permits for two hydropower plants annulled after supervision by construction inspectorate ++

New figures: More wolf packs in Western Poland

++ Results of wolf monitoring show at least 95 settled packs ++ Sudetes are also wolf territory again ++

Romania: New inventory reveals huge and threatened natural forest treasure

EuroNatur and Agent Green: Europe must halt forest destruction in Romania

New report: hydropower subsidies wreak environmental havoc and line influential pockets in the Western Balkans

Disproportionate public subsidies for small hydropower in the Western Balkans have resulted in widespread environmental damage and have benefited...

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