Monk Seal Projects in Europe

Cap Blanc

© Pablo Fernández de Larrinoa/CBD-Habitat
© Pablo Fernández de Larrinoa/CBD-Habitat

A stormy sea and steep cliffs are what marks Cap Blanc, a peninsula on the Atlantic coast of Mauritania. This is where the largest colony of Mediterranean Monk Seals is to be found. More...

Ionian Sea and the eastern Adriatic Sea

© Panos Dendrinos/MOm
© Panos Dendrinos/MOm

The rugged eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea would pose an ideal habitat for the Mediterranean monk seals. Corfu could act as a stepping stone to repopulating the Adriatic Sea. More…

Northern Sporades

© Annette Spangenberg
© Annette Spangenberg

The largest seal colony in the Mediterranean has been able to hold its ground in the National Marine Park of the Northern Sporades. Since the area was designated a National Marine Park in 1992 the population of these marine mammals has stabilised there. More ...


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Mysterious and threatened: the Mediterranean monk seal is among the rarest of mammals in Europe. We want to secure the last surviving population of these endearing sea mammals.

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