Diggers versus Beavers

The riparian forests along the rivers Danube and Drau are home for sea eagles, black storks, and beavers and many other rare animal and plant species. The unspoiled nature, however, is in danger: Croatia plans to straighten and excavate the rivers and build electric power stations on the riverbanks. The film “Wading in to protect the European Amazon” shows which dramatic impacts these projects would have on this unique river landscape.

EuroNatur’s project partner Tibor Mukuska (Croatian Society for Nature and Bird Protection) und Goran Safarek (nature conservationist and photographer) have their say in this film. Since 1990, EuroNatur has supported the saving of the unique river landscapes of Drau and Mur. In cooperation with our partners, we have been able to prevent drastic destructive changes so far. There is still much to do, however, to protect these precious habitats in the long term.

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