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Greek Parliament ratifies nature conservation Agreement

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Good news for the Prespa Park Area

In the triangle of Greece, Macedonia and Albania you can find one of the most diverse lake and mountain regions of the Balkans. After ratification, it is now necessary to implement the trilateral protection efforts in the area quickly.

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Photo Competition "European Treasures of Nature 2017"

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Join the treasure hunt

The heat is on: EuroNatur is calling on all nature photographers to submit their top five pictures of Europe's fascinating natural world by 31st March 2017. Attractive prizes await the winners.

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List of demands for a better nature conservation

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For efficient nature conservation

The EU Commission wants to improve the implementation of the European Nature Conservation Directives. To emphasize these plans, EuroNatur, together with its partners, has formulated demands for an improvement of the action plan.

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Opportunities and threats for one of the most valuable rivers of Europe

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“White Book Sava” presented

On this year’s World Wetland Day Riverwatch and EuroNatur presented the “”White Book Sava”. Among other things it provides concrete suggestions of how flood protection can be improved and the Sava preserved as a life line.

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© Anastasios Bounas

Cold wave: Balkan countries suspend hunting on water birds

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Hunting ban because of heavy frost

The extreme winter weather claimed a high number of victims among water birds on the Balkans. Following several pleas by NGOs some countries have temporarily suspended hunting.

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Photo competition 2017

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Success for Europe's rivers

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Albania: European Parliament demands national park for Vjosa and stop to hydropower projects

In the current Enlargement Report of the European Parliament, the Parliament explicitly criticizes the Albanian government in regards to its...


14 February 2017: A historic day for transboundary Prespa

The environmental NGOs urge the three littoral countries and the European Union to quickly move ahead with the operation of the...


New hope for Romania’s old-growth forests

Early this week Romanian Minister of Waters and Forests, Adriana Petcu, received a weighty petition from EuroNatur partner organisation...


More work to be done

In December 2016, the EU Commission decided to improve the implementation of its nature conservation Directives. Following this at the end...


Dash to the Finish Line in Our Photo Competition

The heat is on: EuroNatur is calling on all nature photographers to submit their top five pictures of Europe's fascinating natural world by...

Short film: Save the Balkan Rivers

© Lubomir Stefanov

Scene of the crime: the Adriatic

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