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Help to halt the building frenzy at Lake Skadar

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Save Lake Skadar!

The species-rich nature of Lake Skadar National Park is under threat from infrastructure projects on a grand scale. NGOs and citizens call upon the Montenegrin government to put a stop to these destructive plans.

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Photo Competition "European Treasures of Nature" 2017 has started

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The photo competition "Nature treasures of Europe" is on again. Set off on a treasure hunt and send us your best pictures of animals, plants or landscapes in Europe.

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Scientists criticize Vjosa hydropower project

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EIA for Poçem a farce

International experts have analysed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the hydropower project in Poçem / Albania. Their verdict: The EIA is does not even meet minimum requirements.

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Romania's paradise forests need protection!

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Arbitrariness and delusive laws

Romania held general elections on 11 December. EuroNatur calls on the future government to protect Romania’s paradise forests effectively. Arbitrariness by authorities and delusive laws that allow logging of old-growth forests must become a thing of the past!

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Photo competition 2017

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Success for Europe's natural treasures

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No to construction projects in the national park!

In the Montenegrin national park Lake Skadar, those in charge of the controversial construction project “Porto Skadar Laker” want to create...


Merry christmas!

We wish all our friends, partners and supporters a happy and peaceful Christmas time and a wonderful new year. <br /><br />


Scientists call environmental assessment for Vjosa hydropower project a farce

Renowned scientists from Austria and Germany have analysed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the hydropower project Poçem on the...


Better protection against electrocution

From this summer, Lesser Kestrels and other large birds are much less likely to fall victim to electrocution in the Sakar Mountains in...


Arbitrariness by authorities and delusive laws undermine protection of primeval forests in Romania

Romania harbours the largest old-growth forests in Europe, but they vanish at breath-taking speed.

Short film: Save the Balkan Rivers

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Scene of the crime: the Adriatic

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