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A flock of starlings flies at sunset. The many individual birds form a cloud in the shape of a bird. A flock of starlings flies at sunset. The many individual birds form a cloud in the shape of a bird.
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I support EuroNatur because biodiversity is particularly important. The protection of migratory birds in southern Europe is exemplary.

Wolfgang Lange
Donates for bird conservation projects at EuroNatur since the year 2000

Wanted: migratory bird sponsors!

Anyone who has ever tried to drive a thousand kilometres by car without stopping to refuel or rest along the way will know that it is not possible. Yet this is exactly the scenario often faced by migratory birds as they travel between their breeding grounds and their overwintering areas. This is because, over the last few decades, more and more bird habitats have been destroyed. As a result, resting areas along migration routes, which are essential for survival, are also in short supply. And, in the few wetlands that do remain, hunters lie in wait, ready to mercilessly shoot down exhausted birds.

Protecting migratory birds in Europe by safeguarding not only their breeding grounds but also their overwintering and resting areas is one of the most important objectives of EuroNatur's bird conservation projects. We are therefore in urgent need of donations!

With a migratory bird sponsorship you can support us in the fight against bird hunting. You will also be helping us to push for the designation of protected areas, to raise awareness among local people of their natural resources, and much more.

Donations have made these activities possible:

  • Protection for the Ulcinj Salina driven forward

    For more than 15 years, we have been working with our partners to have the Ulcinj Salina in southern Montenegro designated as a protected area. Time and again, the government in Podgorica stalled us with empty promises - that is, until we launched a campaign to protect the bird paradise and turned up the international pressure even further. Then, in June 2019, there was some good news: the Ulcinj Salina had been declared a nature park.

  • Putting a stop to illegal bird hunting

    In the Neretva Delta in Croatia, among other places, we are supporting our partners in the fight against illegal bird hunting. Bird conservationists there are uncovering poachers operating in the reed beds and reporting them to the police. They are also dismantling illegally erected hunting stands. As a result, illegal activity in the Neretva Delta, as well as elsewhere, has been dealt a decisive blow.

  • Albanian hunting ban implemented

    For a long time, Albania was considered a hotbed of poaching and, consequently, its bird populations collapsed. As a result of pressure exerted by EuroNatur, the Albanian government imposed a hunting moratorium. This was then extended, despite opposition from hunters. Since then, the number of migratory birds resting in the country has slowly been increasing again.

Reliable and transparent

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Your advantages as a sponsor

  • You will receive a certificate as an award for your commitment.
  • If you prefer, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed.
  • The sponsorship contributions are donations and therefore tax-deductible in Germany.
  • You can give away a sponsorship and receive the gift certificate immediately.
  • With a sponsorship at EuroNatur you get the security of working together with an audited organization that has been awarded the DZI donation seal, is established in professional circles and is internationally networked.
  • The sponsorship can be terminated at any time and without notice - a phone call or e-mail is all it takes. (The direct debit authorization then also expires automatically.)

Do you have any questions?

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With a migratory bird sponsorship at EuroNatur you effectively strengthen the cross-border cooperation in European nature conservation for the benefit of bird's world. There is still a lot to do - be part of it!

Project manager Dr Stefan Ferger, responsible for migratory bird protection at EuroNatur Stefan Ferger, PhD
Project manager for bird conservation
How you can help

Future needs nature. EuroNatur cares for it. Please help anyway you can. With your donation you will make an effective contribution to protect birds in Europe.

Migratory Bird Sponsorship

Bird migration is an incomparable natural spectacle. But illegal hunting and the destruction of resting areas endanger the birds. Help make their journey safer.