Special Occasion Giving

A meadow with poppy flowers. A meadow with poppy flowers.
© Richard Burton

Get creative for Europe’s nature

Nature needs our support - and we need you! Help us to provide long term protection for Europe's natural treasures by starting a personal fundraising campaign for EuroNatur! You could plan a long distance bike ride and ask friends and relatives to sponsor you for every kilometre cycled, hold a New Year’s Eve party to raise money and recruit sponsors in support of the lynx or, rather than receiving birthday presents, you could ask people to make a donation to EuroNatur instead. Just let your imagination run wild!

Any donations you can raise this way will go directly to EuroNatur projects and help to protect endangered species and their habitats.

Here are a few of the ways in which you can support EuroNatur with special occasion donations - both offline and online.

The classic: a donation box

Have you invited guests to celebrate a festive occasion? Do you want to avoid receiving an assortment of gifts that are likely to just stack up at home? Then ask your friends and acquaintances to support Europe’s nature instead! You can set up a donation box at your celebration and send the donations on to EuroNatur afterwards.

You will be supporting us in two ways. Firstly, of course, through the monetary donation you will be making. But you will also be helping to raise awareness of EuroNatur’s conservation themes and projects - and, in doing so, attracting new supporters.

We will be happy to support you with materials or with design suggestions.

Please get in touch with us by contacting Sabine Günther.

New and fast: gift certificates

Certificate for a gift donation - EuroNatur

Our gift donation certificates are available to download instantly as a PDF file.

If you would rather receive donations in aid of Europe’s nature instead of presents for a birthday or special occasion, your well-wishers can create and download instant, personalised gift donation certificates from our website. It’s simple and fast - a win-win for everyone!

Your friends and family will love the hassle-free process, and you’ll no longer receive gifts that simply end up gathering dust at home. Instead, you will be sending out a powerful signal against environmental destruction - and Europe's nature will benefit too.

And, if you like a challenge, why not see how many different gift certificates you can collect? Of course, this also requires a little coordination on the part of your friends and family. You can find help with gift donations here.


Start your own online fundraising event with us!

How about raising funds online? We offer you the chance to create your own personal fundraising event on our website. You can promote your event (e.g. a birthday, anniversary or sporting challenge) on your very own page and collect donations via an online form. Your supporters can also leave a greeting or message on your page.

Markus Dressnandt will be happy to set up a page on euronatur.org for you.

Online fundraising with betterplace.org

We have created a fundraising project for our campaign to save Romania’s primary forests - “Save Paradise Forests” -  on the donation platform betterplace.org. You can start your own EuroNatur fundraising event for this project. Simply register with your name and email address, choose a title and description for your fundraising event and you're ready to start collecting donations!

To be successful, it’s important to spread the word about your fundraising campaign and ask for donations yourself. You can ask your friends, colleagues, relatives and acquaintances to support your campaign. It’s easy to use email, Facebook, Twitter and Xing to do this.

In the first instance, the donations you collect go to betterplace.org which keeps 2.5% of each donation in order to pay the payment providers’ transaction costs. It is only then that the money is passed on to EuroNatur. Your supporters will therefore receive donation receipts from betterplace.org.

Click here to read more information from betterplace.org. about special occasion giving.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Mira Bell.

Collect donations with PayPal fundraiser

PayPal is setting up its own donation platform and other donation options. Here https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/3848334 you can start your own fundraising campaign to collect donations for EuroNatur on an occasion of your choice. Earmarking is not possible in this way. PayPal forwards the donations to us without deducting any fees. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a donation receipt for these donations.


Fundraising on Instagram

You can also raise funds for EuroNatur via Instagram at instagram.com/euronatur. To do this, create a new post for your story and add the donation sticker. Then select EuroNatur as the recipient of the donations. The conditions are the same as those for Facebook. Contact Markus Dressnandt if you should have questions.