People at work for Europe's natural heritage

Group photo of the Summer School participants in the mountains. Group photo of the Summer School participants in the mountains.
What would Europe's natural heritage be without the people who work to preserve it? We let them have their say.

“Without the hunters, we wouldn’t have been able to push the project through!”

Under the LIFE Lynx project, a total of 18 lynx have been caught in the Carpathians and translocated to Slovenia and Croatia to strengthen the local lynx populations there. The project has been extremely successful, also due to the the collaboration with the hunters. We spoke to Maja Sever and Rok Černe from the Slovenian Forest Authority about the project.

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Trees for Spain’s bears: Cherries and plums for a peaceful coexistence

Broken branches, plundered cherry trees, a pile of droppings in the meadow - it's impossible to overlook: a powerful animal has been at work here. "This bear has to go!" hisses the owner of the property in Villarino del Sil, a village in the northern Spanish province of León. It won't be easy to placate him.

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Guardians of the common good: resistance against a huge dam project in Albania

One of the largest European reservoirs could soon be built in northeast Albania – a sad record. The Skavica project would dam the last free-flowing part of the Black Drin. Tens of thousands of people will have to be relocated for the dam project or virtually put into complete isolation. Two young teachers are mobilising the residents.

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Inventory of forests from space

How satellites help to protect Europe’s ancient forests

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Get out the vote: European elections 2024

There is a lot at stake for nature: this year's European elections (6 to 9 June) will set the course for nature and climate protection in the coming years. There is a threat of a shift to the right in the European Parliament, which is why strong voices for Europe's nature are needed!

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Wild Europe - Eye to eye with nature

Is there still unspoilt nature in Europe? A young film team sets off to discover the last remaining natural treasures of our continent. They soon realise that wilderness is much more than just a dot on the map. Wilderness safeguards biodiversity, helps the climate and protects habitats. But the last untouched areas are threatened by illegal timber trade, poaching and destruction.

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A bird that brings people together

Storks wherever you look. The stork village of Pentowo in Poland is an Eldorado for stork fans. The 20th meeting of the European Stork Villages took place there in May 2023: a unique experience for everyone involved.

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“If we work together, we can change the world”

“The Save the Rivers Coalition speaks together with one voice for rivers so that they can reach a larger audience. In presenting them with the EuroNatur award, we want to give them a still louder voice,” says Dr Anna-Katharina Wöbse, Vice-president of EuroNatur at the beginning of the ceremony.

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Swimming for monk seals

The internationally successful open water swimmer Dina Levačić often trains in the Adriatic Sea. On 14 June, however, under special circumstances: to protect the monk seal.

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Green-blue worlds of wonder

The Komarnica in the north of Montenegro belongs to the Blue Heart of Europe. A dam threatens to destroy this piece of wilderness. Two young women, who have meanwhile mobilised a larger network, stand up to the hydropower lobby and fight for their river.

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