Donations to express condolences

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In case of bereavement: donations instead of flowers and wreaths to express condolence

It is a great loss when a loved one passes away. If nature and the environment was particularly close to this person's heart, a donation in their memory can help to honour and preserve the memory of a dedicated person in the long term.

A condolence donation can help family and friends cope with their loss, as it offers the opportunity to do something good together in memory of the deceased. Instead of rapidly wilting flowers and wreaths, donations in their memory will help to preserve nature in the long term and bequeath a pleasant environment to future generations.


How to set up a donation in someone’s memory

An easy way to encourage mourners to donate in memory of a loved one is to direct them to our donation account. Please contact us in advance so that we can arrange a password. This is the only way we can clearly allocate the donations to your collection.

Your mourners can then donate by bank transfer or directly via our online donation form. 

The easiest way is to announce the fundraiser in the obituary. A possible text would be: 

In memory of (first name + surname of the deceased) we ask for a donation to EuroNatur - European Natural Heritage Foundation - instead of flowers and wreaths.

Donation account of the EuroNatur Foundation
SozialBank Cologne 
IBAN: DE53 3702 0500 0008 1820 01 
Reference: Surname + first name of the deceased

For a donation receipt, please include your name and address in the bank transfer.

Alternatively, you can enclose the linked inserts with your bereavement cards.

During this difficult time, undertakers often help with setting up a condolence donation. They can sometimes take over the collection of donations for you. Talk to your undertaker about this.

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about condolence donations

  • Will I receive information about who has donated what amount?

    You will receive a receipt from us showing the total amount of your donation collection and the number of donors. 

  • What will the condolence donations be used for?

    The donations are used for nature conservation in Europe. We work across borders on projects with local partners. Read more about what we do.

  • Can I decide what the condolence donation is used for?

    Of course, you may specify that the donations are to be used for a specific nature conservation project. Simply contact us and let us know your wishes.

  • Do donors receive a donation receipt?

    If donors make a donation via our online donation form, they can enter the agreed keyword in the Message to EuroNatur box. In the donation receipt box, they can select that they would like a donation receipt. You can also leave your contact details there so that we can send them to you. 
    If your mourners prefer to donate by bank transfer, they can enter their own name and address in addition to the name of the deceased in the form. We will then know that they would like a receipt.

Do you have any further questions about funeral donations?

Please contact us at any time by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to support you and advise you personally.




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