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Delayed award ceremony for Ukrainian virgin forest conservationist

EuroNatur honoured the Ukrainian forest scientist and conservationist Fedir Hamor with the EuroNatur Award in 2022 for his services to forest conservation. Fedir Hamor could not attend the award ceremony on the island of Mainau at the time due to the war situation in Ukraine. He has now been retrospectively presented with the EuroNatur Award.

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Stop the deforestation! 106,000 people are calling for protection of Romania’s forests

++ Successful petition for Romania's primary and old-growth forests ++ NGOs are protesting in Brussels against the inaction of EU Environment Commissioner Sinkevičius ++ Infringement proceedings for illegal logging stuck ++

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EU Parliament addresses illegal logging threats in Romania

From May 15 to 18, 2023, several Members of the European Parliament visited Romania to investigate the management of the brown bear population and combat illegal logging. The fact-finding mission to Romania was a response to petitions from Romanian citizens concerned about the threats to their lives due to advocating for forest protection against illegal logging.

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Milestone for the protection of European forests on EU-level

The EU forest monitoring law emphasises common standards for the systematic collection of data which aligns with EuroNatur’s stance advocating for the strict protection of forests in the EU. The legislation marks a significant advancement in EuroNatur’s collective efforts to safeguard forests, particularly primary and old-growth forests.

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Romanian forests: EuroNatur calls for a logging moratorium

+++ Open letter to Commissioner Sinkevičius calls for a logging moratorium in protected areas to end destruction of Romanian forests +++ Fourth anniversary of complaint against Romania on illegal logging +++ Enormous dimension of logging in Romania’s primary and old-growth forests despite ongoing infringement procedure +++

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Urgent Call for Action to Protect Romania's Forests and Natura 2000 Sites

A recent report by EuroNatur and Agent Green provides new evidence on logging in Romania's protected areas. Nature conservation organisations call for a moratorium on logging in Romania's primeval forests.

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Disappointing results of last trilogue on Renewable Energy Directive

++ Woody biomass and hydropower can continue to count towards renewable energy targets ++ No will for sustainable climate policy in the EU in sight ++

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More Ski Resorts Planned Around Syvdovets

In 2016, the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration announced its plans to build a ski resort of the same name in the Svydovets mountain massif. Now it has become public that the developer has decided to build two more resorts in the Ukrainian Carpathians. It would be a gigantic complex for up to 65,000 visitors.

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Dismal prospects for Svydovets

A gargantuan ski resort is looming in the Svydovets mountains of Ukraine. The environmental movement Free Svydovets has filed a lawsuit against these plans, but has now been defeated in court.

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EuroNatur Award focuses attention on destruction of forests and war in Ukraine

++ Forest conservationists receive the 2022 EuroNatur Award ++ War against Ukraine and its consequences hamper the work of conservationists and scientists in the Carpathian Mountains ++

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