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I support the transboundary nature conservation work of EuroNatur because perseverance has had successes (e.g. Ulcinj) and hopefully will continue to have successes in the future (e.g. primeval beech forests).

Karl-Ernst Friederich, PhD
Supports nature conservation projects at EuroNatur since 1992

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Account owner: EuroNatur 
Bank name: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, Cologne, Germany
Bank code number: 370 205 00 
Account number: 8182001
IBAN: DE53 3702 0500 0008 1820 01

I look to the future with confidence, because even in the Corona pandemic, we were able to experience a great deal of solidarity from our donors - through financial contributions, but also through many verbal and written messages that have greatly encouraged us to continue on our path. We thank you very much for your valuable support!

Gabriel Schwaderer Gabriel Schwaderer
EuroNatur CEO
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Future needs nature. EuroNatur cares for it. Please help anyway you can. With your donation you will make an effective contribution to protect the European Green Belt.

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EuroNatur focuses on long-term nature conservation projects instead of quick fixes. With your regular donations, you give us the planning security we need.