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Saving Romania’s primary forests

The deforestation of primary and natural forests in the Romanian Carpathians is progressing at an almost unstoppable pace. As a result, this unique European natural heritage is in danger of disappearing. The forests, which have grown over centuries, are host to a wide variety of rare animal and plant species. These forests also store large amounts of carbon. As such, they also make a significant contribution to climate protection.

Yet even in national parks and other protected areas, timber is being felled illegally and on a large scale. In order to put an end to this ruthless exploitation, EuroNatur and Romanian nature conservation organisation Agent Green launched the SaveParadiseForests campaign in 2016.

What EuroNatur and its partners are doing to protect primary forests and what we have been able to achieve together:
  • Identifying primary and natural forest areas: Forests of outstanding importance for biodiversity and climate protection have been identified in the Romanian Carpathians. The PRIMOFARO study commissioned by EuroNatur is, for the first time, providing precise figures on the number of hectares of potential primary and natural forest which still exists in Romania. At over half a million hectares, it is a huge natural treasure. However, the study also shows the enormous scale of the deforestation and destruction of these valuable forests.
  • Placing forest areas under protection: We have worked to ensure that the Romanian government expands its national forest inventory. In its last revision, 14,000 hectares had been added compared with the previous year’s data. This included the pristine Boia Mica Valley, one of the wildest spots in Europe. Despite this success, the increase to the forest inventory was still far too small.
  • Arguing in court: With our help, our Romanian partners have been able to initiate and pursue a number of legal actions against illegal logging and have already won some of them. For example, we have already succeeded in getting some logging permits withdrawn and have thus been able to save a large number of forest areas from deforestation. In November 2020, the Court of Appeal in Bucharest granted us the right to access management plans for state owned and private forests. We had often been denied this, in violation of the EU directive on public access to environmental information.

Wild Wonders of Romania

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Details about our campaign to protect the primeval forests in Romania "Save Paradise Forests" can be found at saveparadiseforests.eu


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