Endowment Giving for Nature

The wooded mountain valley of Boia Mica in Romania. The wooded mountain valley of Boia Mica in Romania.
© Matthias Schickhofer

Giving an endowment - a gift of capital for nature conservation in Europe

There are various ways to give money as an endowment gift – which of the following endowment types are you interested in?


An important guarantor of the continuity and scope of a foundation’s activities is its capital stock. Whilst donations flow quickly into projects and enable certain activities to be carried out on a one-off and immediate basis, endowments supplement capital stock and thus increase the achievable income that is available each year. For people who are less interested in short-term successes than in creating a lasting impact with the funds they invest, endowments can be a good choice. To give money as an endowment, simply state "endowment" as the purpose of the donation when transferring funds.


Endowment fund

The establishment of an endowment fund is an option if you are able to invest a larger sum of money and wish to support specific EuroNatur projects with it. The amount of the endowment should not be too small because it is important to achieve an annual capital income to meet the purposes of the fund. The founder of the fund can agree to it bearing their own name or that of another person whose memory they would like to honour (a named fund).


Dependent foundation

Would you like use your assets to make a lasting contribution in your own name to a cause that is particularly close to your heart? If so, the creation of a dependent foundation under the EuroNatur umbrella could be an option. Unlike an independent foundation, there is no need to establish your own structure and EuroNatur will take care of setting up the foundation as well as any ongoing administrative tasks later on. We will be happy to advise you.

Reliable and transparent

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