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Frequently asked questions

Is the answer to your question not included? Feel free to contact us, we will assist you individually. You will find a list of contact persons at the bottom of this page.


  • Which kind of donation suits me best?

    In order to be able to preserve Europe's nature for future generations, we are dependent on donations. You can decide how to support us:

    one-time donation helps us use financial resources where they are urgently needed.

    With a recurring donation you can become a sustaining member of EuroNatur. This gives us planning security for our medium term and long term projects.

    Have you taken a particular animal species, such as the brown bear, particularly to your heart? Then a wildlife sponsorship is just right for you.

    If you are an entrepreneur, a senior manager or a freelancer you will find our suggestions for your active citizenship here.

    If you are considering how to make a long-term commitment to nature conservation beyond your own lifetime as part of your estate planning, here is information on making donations via a testamentary disposition.

    Donations instead of gifts: If you want to ask your guests to make a donation instead of a gift on special occasions, you will find appropriate information on this page.

    Do you prefer to support us rather actively than financially? Here is our list comprising several possibilities.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our contact persons (listed below) are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Whether you are an active volunteer or a philanthropist: no matter which form of support you choose – you can help us remain a strong, networked and independent voice for Europe’s nature. Please make use of your possibilities as future needs nature.

  • How can I give a donation as a gift?

    If you want to give a donation or sponsorship as a gift, you will find with us the possibility to immediately create personalized donation certificates with pictures corresponding to the purpose of the donation. You can find instructions on the "Gift donations" page.

  • Which payment methods can I use?

    The easiest way for us to receive your donation is a SEPA authorisation (direct debit). For this purpose you can use our online donation form.

    You can also donate an amount of your choice using a transfer form or paying via online banking (bank transfer). Please do not forget to indicate the intended use.

    Our account for donations

    Account owner: EuroNatur
    Bank name: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, Köln, Germany
    Bank code number: 370 205 00
    Account number: 8182001
    IBAN: DE53 3702 0500 0008 1820 01

    We occasionally receive cash donations. For safety reasons we recommend that you send them by registered mail and device of delivery. Or you bring it in person to one of our offices. You will find our address here. Please  give notice before bringing larger amounts.  

    The above mentioned payment methods mean the lowest or no fees for us.

    Via our online donation form we currently offer the payment methods PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as SEPA direct debit (within the EU). The technology of the donation form is provided by Wikando GmbH  (www.fundraisingbox.com) which processes your data according to GDPR and German data protection law and under the highest safety precautions.

    PayPal is building up its own donation platform as well as other donation options.  Among others here https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/3848334 you can donate to EuroNatur. If you are logged in or use the PayPal app, you don't need much more than one click to do so. You can set EuroNatur as your preferred non-profit organization to get to your goal even faster. Earmarks (donation purposes) cannot be selected this way. PayPal forwards the donations to us without deducting any fees. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a donation receipt for these kind of donations.  

    Facebook offers also a donation function which you can use via www.facebook.com/euronatur, too. To do this, you must store your payment data in your Facebook profile. This service is currently free of charge for non-profit organisations in Europe. Disadvantages: There is no possibility to indicate the intended use and donations via Facebook are not tax deductible in Germany.

    On Instagram it is possible to start a fundraiser for EuroNatur at instagram.com/euronatur. To do so, create a new contribution for your story and add the donation sticker. Then select EuroNatur as the recipient of the donations. The conditions are the same as on Facebook.

  • Can I make tax deductible donations to EuroNatur?

    Donations made directly to EuroNatur are tax deductible in Germany. This also applies to recurring donations such as membership and sponsorship contributions as well as other forms of giving such as endowments. For larger amounts, we recommend that you clarify the details with your tax advisor. 

    Donations made on the PayPal donation platform, on Facebook or Instagram are currently not tax deductible.

    EuroNatur is a non-profit foundation under private law with legal capacity, based in Radolfzell on Lake Constance, Germany. The tax office Singen/Hohentwiel recognizes the status of non-profit under the tax number 18153/25263. The EuroNatur Foundation is a bearer of the DZI donation seal and a member of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative.

  • Where can I find your statutes?

    We have published our statutes on the page "Statutes".

  • Do you publish an annual report?

    Yes, we regularly publish a detailed annual report with the previous year's financial statements in the summer months. This is previously audited by an auditing company. Vew our annual report.

  • Does EuroNatur have a donation seal?

    Yes, the EuroNatur Foundation has had the renowned donation seal of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI donation seal) since 2006. View the details on the DZI seal.

  • How transparent is EuroNatur?

    EuroNatur has joined the "Transparent Civil Society Initiative". In doing so, we undertake to publish essential information about ourselves and our working methods. Find more information on the page "Transparency".

  • How high is the proportion of expenditure on statutory programmes?

    The diagram shows the shares of the expenditure categories in 2022. 79,6% of the total expenditure goes to the statutory nature conservation programs.

    This is how we use the resources entrusted to us: 79,6% for conservation programs, 6,9% for environmental education and to secure future income, 7,6% for administration, and 5,9% for asset management and commercial operations.

  • Who stands behind EuroNatur?

    Please find information on team members and decision-makers on the page "Organization".

  • Do you offer a press review?

    Yes. Please find our international press review and our press review in German by following the links.

  • What is the EuroNatur Award?

    The EuroNatur Award for Environmental Excellence was awarded for the first time in 1992. Ever since several outstanding public figures have been honoured for their private, social, economical or political activities in the field of nature conservation. Learn more about the EuroNatur Award.

  • I don't want to donate. Can I still contribute something?

    Instead of a financial commitment, would you prefer to get actively involved? We have listed various possibilities for you. Click here to find our suggestions.

Our contact persons for your donation

We advise you in a friendly, respectful and competent manner about all the questions concerning your donation.


Portrait Ines Fantinato
© Kerstin Sauer

Ines Fantinato gladly advises you regarding the following issues

  • Single donations
  • Sponsorships
  • Sustaining memberships
  • Direct debit authorisations
  • Terminations

Tel: +49 7732 9272 16


Sabine Günther
© Kerstin Sauer

Sabine Günther gladly answers your questions regarding

  • Donations on special occasions and personal donation campaigns
  • Endowment contributions and endowment funds
  • Dependent foundations
  • Testamentary donations
  • Your mission as EuroNatur ambassador
  • Donation receipts

Tel: +49 7732 9272 17

Markus Dressnandt
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Markus Dressnandt is your contact person for the following issues:

  • Digital donations
  • Donation widgets for your website
  • Corporate donations

Tel: +49 7732 9272 23

EuroNatur is a non-profit foundation

EuroNatur is a non-profit private-law foundation with legal capacity based in Radolfzell on Lake Constance, Germany. The responsible supervisory agency is Regierungspräsidium Freiburg (regional council Freiburg), file number 14-0563-174. The responsible tax authority Singen/Hohentwiel recognises EuroNatur’s non-profit status under tax no. 18153/25263. Donations to EuroNatur are therefore tax-deductible in Germany. The EuroNatur Foundation has been awarded the DZI donation seal and is member of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative.