Looking back - successes, anniversaries, review of the year

EuroNatur staff with EuroNatur flag in front of a river EuroNatur staff with EuroNatur flag in front of a river
With an experience of more than 35 years of nature conservation work in Europe, EuroNatur can look back on many successes.
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A bird that brings people together

Storks wherever you look. The stork village of Pentowo in Poland is an Eldorado for stork fans. The 20th meeting of the European Stork Villages took place there in May 2023: a unique experience for everyone involved.

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Review of the year 2023

Last year we were able to celebrate a huge success: the Vjosa in Albania has become Europe's first wild river national park! We worked tirelessly with our partners for almost a decade to achieve this decision by the government in Tirana. This success has given us all an incredible boost. Such positive news has done us good and gives us the strength not to despair even in the face of setbacks - of which there were some in 2023. Join us in a look back over the past year.

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“This experience has changed my life”

“The mentors unfolded a world of new opportunities and knowledge to me. Soon, I found myself opening up and sharing my thoughts without any hesitation or fear of judgement,” says Ledi Selgjekaj from Albania. The young conservationist embarked on the mentoring adventure along with nineteen other people from a total of ten countries in the Mediterranean region.

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A nature photo success story

Can you still remember 1993? Bill Clinton was inaugurated as 42nd President of the United States, the Red Army Faction carried out its last attack in Germany and dancefloor song Mr Vain by Culture Beat was the summer hit of the year. It was all a long time ago... And that same year, another significant thing happened - at least for EuroNatur: the EuroNatur photo competition "Europe's Natural Treasures" was born.

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Merci, Mava!

It’s the end of an era. On 31 October 2022, the MAVA Foundation - a major sponsor of EuroNatur - ceased its grant-making activities. It was a step that had been carefully prepared for over the past six years.

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Review of the Year 2022

War in Ukraine and the energy crisis, bird flu and a fish die-off, plus the continuing Coronavirus pandemic and its consequences: 2022 was a complicated year that, for us at EuroNatur too, presented major challenges or left us feeling deeply saddened. However, in our review of the past year, we also describe some beautiful moments and share positive news. Join us as we take a look back.

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Symbol of European friendship

What happened before the click...Photographers tell their story behind a special picture. This time the story leads into a dark chapter of the European past - and its happy overcoming.

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