Transparency – one of EuroNatur’s important tenets

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We are responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us. This includes full and comprehensible financial reporting and how we deal with potential risks. Information on these topics can be found on this page and the two related sub-pages (see right-hand column). The latest financial statements are also published on the Annual Report page.


DZI Seal of Approval - We deserve your trust!

Logo of the German Central Institute for Social Issues: Your donation reaches its destination!

Every year since 2006, EuroNatur has been awarded the seal of approval offered by the renowned German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI). Since 2004, applications have been open to all organisations that collect donations (previously only institutions running social programmes). EuroNatur is one of the first nature conservation organisations to be awarded the seal. The seal is awarded for one year at a time, following an in-depth audit that examines not only the organisation’s accounting, but also the fulfilment of statutory purposes and the fundraising integrity.
The criteria for the award of the donation seal can be summarised as follows:

  • truthful, clear and factual advertising in words and images,
  • verifiable, economical and statutory use of funds in compliance with relevant tax regulations, clear and understandable accounting,
  • audit of the annual financial statements and corresponding submission to the DZI,
  • internal monitoring of the management body by an independent supervisory body,
  • no bonuses, commissions or profit sharing are paid for fundraising.

So you can be sure that your donation will go a long way to protect wildlife and their habitats, and make a real contribution to conserving the natural resources on which human and animal welfare depend.
To the DZI Website (German only)


For many years now, EuroNatur has voluntarily undergone an annual audit by a firm of accountants. The audit includes i.a. the balance sheet, the profit and loss account, the accounting and valuation methods and the management report for the financial year.

In 2023, EuroNatur once again voluntarily submitted to an audit of its annual accounts by an auditor. The auditing and tax accounting firm WISTA AG audited EuroNatur Foundation’s 2023 annual accounts in accordance with Par. 317 ff. of the German Commercial Code (HGB) and in accordance with the accepted standards for the review of financial statements as set out by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW) and endorsed the accounts with an unqualified audit certificate.

Ethics Signet of the German Fundraising Association (Deutscher Fundraising Verband e.V.)

Ethics signet of the German Fundraising Association

EuroNatur is a member of the German Fundraising Association (DFRV) and is committed to the "19 Basic Rules for Good, Ethical Fundraising Practice" and the "Charter of Donors' Rights". Details can be found on the DFRV website (German only).


Initiative for transparency in civil society

Logo of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative

EuroNatur has also been a signatory to Transparency International Germany’s “Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft” (Initiative for transparency in civil society) for many years. Signatories to the initiative voluntarily commit to publishing ten particular items of information about their organization on their homepage. These include i.a. their statutes, the names of essential decision-makers, and information on how they are funded, how they use their funding, and their personnel structure.
Link to the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft website (German only).


  • 1. Name, location, address and year founded:

    EuroNatur (European Nature Heritage Fund) 
    Location: Radolfzell
    Address: Westendstr. 3, 78315 Radolfzell, Germany
    Year founded: 1987

  • 2. Full constitution and information on the goals of our organisation

    The EuroNatur foundation’s goal is not only to protect nature but also to promote the ecological development of the rural areas in question. Because without taking serious consideration of the needs of the population, it will not be possible to achieve success in conserving natural resources over the long term. This is why EuroNatur always works closely with local partner organisations and the people on site.

    Regional development and nature conservation go hand in hand in this, creating more jobs and improved quality of life.

    Here you can find out more about our Mission & Mode of Operation.

    Download our constitution as PDF here (310 kb).

  • 3. Information on tax relief

    The notice of exemption granted by the Singen tax authority on 26.01.2024 (St. Nr. 18153/25263), grants us exemption from corporation tax, in accordance with § 5 para. 1 no. 9 of the German Corporation Tax Act, and from trade tax, in accordance with § 3 no. 6 of the German Trade Tax Act, for the year 2016 in consideration of our role in the furthering of science, adult education and  the conservation of animals, nature, the landscape and the environment.

  • 4. Names and roles of key decision makers

    President: Prof. Dr. Thomas Potthast

    Vice president: Dr. Anna-Katharina Wöbse

    Member of steering committee: Dr. Elsa Nickel

    Member of steering committee: Jörg Nitsch

    Member of steering committee: Prof. Dr. Hubert Weiger

    Member of steering committee: Prof. Dr. Hannes Knapp

    Chief executive: Gabriel Schwaderer (Radolfzell)

  • 5. Report of activities

    The report of our activities can be found in the Annual Report.

  • 6. Staffing structure

    EuroNatur employs 15 full-time and 16 part-time staff. The members of the steering committee and the board of trustees act in an honorary capacity.

  • 7. Information on the source of funds

    Information on the source of funds can be found in our Annual Report.

  • 8. Information on the allocation of funds

    Diagram use of funds 2022

    Information on the allocation of funds can be found in our Annual Report.

  • 9. Affiliations with third parties under company law

    EuroNatur Service GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the EuroNatur foundation.