Travel tips and field reports - partners and project leaders tell their stories

A landscape in the Black Forest with meadows, forest and houses. A landscape in the Black Forest with meadows, forest and houses.
From the Cantabrian Mountains to the Prespa Lakes. Here you will find insider tips and reports from our project areas.
© Marco Panista

A bird that brings people together

Storks wherever you look. The stork village of Pentowo in Poland is an Eldorado for stork fans. The 20th meeting of the European Stork Villages took place there in May 2023: a unique experience for everyone involved.

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Between the Alps and the Adriatic - EuroNatur in Slowenia

At the end of September, most of the staff at EuroNatur set off on a study tour of Slovenia. Before the trip, the staff take a vote to see which of our project areas we would like to get a deeper understanding of. It soon becomes apparent that flying is not an option. So we set off from Lake Constance across the Alps in two hired minibuses...

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EuroNatur meets the Polar Bear

What happened before the click...Photographers tell their story behind a special picture. This time, our graphic designer reports on her trip to Arctic climes and a special moment.

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Experience nature with all your senses!

EuroNatur and Crossbill Guides launch travel guide collaboration. In an interview, Dirk Hilbers reveals what inspires him and explains what ecotourism has to do with nature conservation.

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