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Can Albania’s nature still be saved?

A commentary by Annette Spangenberg on the disillusioning nature conservation situation in the Adriatic state

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Empowering resistance

One of the largest European reservoirs could soon be built in northeast Albania – a sad record. The Skavica project would dam the last free-flowing part of the Black Drin. Tens of thousands of people will have to be relocated for the dam project or virtually put into complete isolation. Two young teachers are mobilising the residents.

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Science delegation explores intact Vjosa Delta

++ 40 Scientists collaborate to assess biodiversity and advocate for inclusion in the Vjosa Wild River National Park amidst threats of mass tourism ++

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Bern Convention: Skavica dam in Albania contradicts the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme

The Bureau of the Convention recently accepted a new complaint and urged the Albanian authorities to not develop projects which may negatively affect habitats and species.

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The Perilous State of Mediterranean Deltas

Deltas, where rivers meet the sea, are intricate landscapes shaped by millennia of natural forces. However, they're not just facing challenges; they're in crisis. A comprehensive study delves into Mediterranean deltas, revealing a story of resilience and the urgent need for conservation.

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Luxury construction projects threaten Albania's coastline

Luxury construction projects spearheaded by Jared Kushner and US diplomat Richard Grenell pose an imminent threat to Albania's pristine coastline, raising concerns among environmental advocates worldwide.

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Protest action on the Albanian Shushica River

++ The entire valley of the Shushica stands up against the diversion of its water ++ Albanian government wants to drain the water from the Vjosa tributary ++ Vjosa National Park in danger after just one year ++

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The entire Aoos River in Greece and its tributaries are now protected

An important step was taken today by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy with the designation of part of the catchment area of the transboundary river Aoos (source of the Vjosa River) in Greece as a Protected Natural Formation and Protected Landscape. The designation covers the area that was previously unprotected, from the boundary of the Northern Pindos National Park to the Greek-Albanian border.

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Still plenty of room for improvement in the Western Balkans

There is still a long way to go for all the countries of the Western Balkans if they want to become members of the EU - especially when it comes to nature conservation. Every year, the EU Commission publishes country reports on all EU accession candidates. The latest reports are particularly critical of the construction of hydropower plants as well as of an airport construction project in Albania’s Narta Lagoon.

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Skavica mega dam: Albanian court to scrutinise special law for U.S. contractor Bechtel

++ Constitutional complaint filed by NGOs accepted for trial ++ First milestone in fight against one of Europe’s largest reservoirs ++ Thousands of people face displacement ++ Critically endangered Balkan lynx highly threatened by dam ++

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