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Conifers in front of snow-covered mountain peaks in Albania. Conifers in front of snow-covered mountain peaks in Albania.
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I support the EuroNatur Foundation because the projects, the way of working and the competence convince me!

Sibylle Möbius
Sustaining member since 1992

Europe's future needs nature

EuroNatur focuses on long-term nature conservation projects instead of quick fixes. With your regular donations, you give us the necessary planning security and make an effective contribution to an environment worth living in. 

Practical examples: 

  • Magic landscape outside Berlin

    EuroNatur has taken over nature conservation areas in Brandenburg in order to preserve them as oases of biodiversity and as national natural heritage. Administrative costs, soil and water association fees are incurred on an ongoing basis. Last but not least, the professional maintenance of the nature properties also costs money - measures without which biodiversity would quickly go downhill. It is only thanks to the reliable support of our donors that we can take on this responsibility. 

  • Balkan Green Belt - Line of life

    Along the former Iron Curtain, we are committed to preserving species-rich lake, river, wetland, mountain and cultural landscapes on the Balkan Peninsula. Without our persistent work, protected areas such as the Jablanica-Shebenik National Park in Macedonia or the cross-border hiking trail along the Balkan Green Belt would probably not exist today. It is only thanks to the regular support of our donors that we can save these natural paradises from destruction!

  • Sava Floodplains - Green Heart of Croatia

    Horses, pigs and cows still graze together in the Sava floodplains. Not far away, the Sava River flows freely and untamed. The commitment of EuroNatur has made a decisive contribution to the fact that the nature park administration can work so successfully on the continued existence of the Sava floodplains today. Not a single project has come to nothing. Our loyal donors have contributed significantly to this!

  • Spain's bear land

    "Especially for work in nature conservation, particularly the protection of endangered species, you need staying power. EuroNatur has made it possible for us to continue the necessary fundamental work over all these years. This has allowed us to contribute significantly to improving the situation of the brown bears in the Cantabrian Mountains," says EuroNatur partner Roberto Hartasánchez. Thanks to our loyal donors, we are able to provide reliable and long-term support to our conservation partners!

Reliable and transparent

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Your sustaining member benefits:

  • You will receive a certificate as an award for your commitment and 
  • the Foundation’s latest annual report every year.
  • If you prefer, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed.
  • Sustaining membership contributions are donations and are therefore tax-deductible in Germany.
  • You can give away a sustaining membership and receive the gift certificate immediately.
  • A sustaining membershipn at EuroNatur gives you the security of working together with an audited organization that has been awarded the DZI donation seal, is established in professional circles and is internationally networked.
  • The sustaining membership can be terminated at any time without notice - a phone call or email is all that is required. Any related direct debit authorisation will also expire automatically at that point.

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It takes a large network to protect Europe's nature. As a supporting member of EuroNatur you are part of it - join us!

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EuroNatur focuses on long-term nature conservation projects instead of quick fixes. With your regular donations, you give us the planning security we need.