Funding principles and use of funds

Capital investment based on environmental and ethical criteria

EuroNatur Foundation’s foundation capital now amounts to almost EUR 6.5 million. Moreover, EuroNatur Foundation holds assets of approximately EUR 2.2 million in trust for the benefit of three non-autonomous foundations. In keeping with the organization’s philosophy, investment decisions are based on environmental and ethical criteria. Both inclusion and exclusion criteria are applied to these decisions. As a minimum, investment products are not considered if they invest in companies involved in nuclear power, agrochemicals, weapons, genetic engineering, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, the motor industry, the oil and coal industries, airline companies, or if they are invested in government bonds in nations practicing capital punishment, actively driving forward nuclear energy, or which are considered corrupt. Our main financial service providers for asset management purposes in 2023 were the Bank Vontobel Europe AG, Munich Branch, and the V-BANK AG in Munich, Germany. We manage a large part of the assets ourselves and also consult with an independent financial advisor on a fee basis. 


System of remuneration

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The Foundation is organized in three departments: Conservation, Communication and Administration. These departments provide for seven functional levels: Administration/Communication I-III, Project Management I and II (Conservation), Brussels and Head of Department. Remuneration bands have been set for each of the levels, extending 20% either side of the mid-point. The mid-points are € 47k per annum for Administration/Communication I, € 51k for Administration/Communication II, € 61k for Administration/Communication III, € 55k for Project Management I, € 65k for Project Management II, and € 6k for Head of Department. The employees in Brussels receive an average of € 63k per annum.

In 2023, the Executive Director received an annual remuneration package of € 107k gross. Without exception all members of the Presiding Committee and the Board of Trustees act in a voluntary capacity and only receive reimbursements for cost incurred, but no flat-rate expense allowances.

Advertising and donor information

Six times a year EuroNatur Foundation sends out information to its donors to keep them in touch with ongoing projects and request support for concrete endeavours. Similarly, support for individual projects is solicited, and information provided, through the organization’s website at, the digital EuroNatur newsletter and emailings. In addition, regular donors receive the EuroNatur magazine four times a year as well as topical project reports containing comprehensive information and reports on current developments in the projects. 


Impact monitoring and impact analysis

One of the most important tenets of EuroNatur’s work is the efficient deployment of funds entrusted to us by our donors and by the organizations (both governmental and non-governmental) that support our work. Systematic planning of activities and comprehensive impact monitoring are preconditions to the efficient use of funds.

EuroNatur Foundation takes both a supportive and an operative role. For projects undertaken by EuroNatur in cooperation with its partner organizations, and which in most instances are in receipt of third-party financial support (from both governmental and non-governmental sources), EuroNatur reports back in detail to the financial backers. Impact monitoring already begins at the stages of project development and project application. EuroNatur develops projects based on comprehensive situational analysis and needs assessments. Together with our partners we formulate the overall objectives and prepare project applications based thereon. These can only attract funding if the objectives are clearly set out and if activities are proposed that serve to meet these objectives. Evidence of the use of funds must include comprehensive evaluations of the achievement of set objectives as well as rationales for potential changes in or adjustments to activities or even objectives. In order to receive grants from EuroNatur, applicants must present cohesive project designs in keeping with the principles set out above. The partner organization’s reports are subject to comprehensive evaluation by EuroNatur and our project managers regularly visit the project areas to discuss the projects’ progress – as long as there is no pandemic that prevents travel. 
Both positive developments and difficulties arising are assessed in order to allow for procedural adjustments to be made and to learn lessons for the future. Progress reports document project development up to the point of the projects’ completion.