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Building projects for national park

With the parliamentary elections in Montenegro due to take place on 16 October, the EuroNatur foundation is urgently calling on the new government not to allow any developments in the Lake Skadar National Park, one of the most valuable jewels of Europe’s natural heritage. There are already plans for extensive building projects in the national park.

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Save Europe’s last paradise forests!

Today Romanian biologist and campaigner Gabriel Paun received the EuroNatur Award 2016 on Mainau Island (Lake Constance) for his outstanding commitment to save the Romanian primeval forests.

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A heart for Europe’s last paradise forests

The Romanian biologist and campaigner Gabriel Paun will receive the EuroNatur Award 2016 in about two weeks for his exemplary work to protect Romania’s primeval forests.

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Cross-border nature conservation instead of barbed wire

Last Saturday conservationists, citizens and local decision-makers from nine countries in Southeast Europe have set an example in cross-border cooperation for the protection of the European natural heritage.






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228 scientists from 33 countries support Europe’s last wild river

Just in time for the World Rivers Day on September 25, the last big wild river of Europe – the Vjosa in Albania – receives prominent support from all over the world.

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Feast for the eyes for nature lovers

You don’t need to go the most far-flung corners of the world to take impressive and moving photos of nature. More than 300 photographers, amateurs and professionals, from 22 different countries answered the call from the EuroNatur nature foundation to capture the beauty of Europe’s nature in their fascinating images.

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Advocate of Europe’s last old-growth forests

A few weeks before the Romanian legislative elections in November 2016, the EuroNatur Foundation will send a clear signal for the protection of Europe’s last primeval forests. On October 12th, Romanian conservationist Gabriel Paun will receive this year’s EuroNatur Award.

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More room for our storks

From 29 June to 3 July 2016, all life revolved around the white stork in the Hungarian village of Nagybajom. More than 60 representatives of "European Stork Villages" from 13 different European countries converged on this little town of just three and a half thousand inhabitants in southwest Hungary.

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“European Stork Village” 2016 designated

A new village has joined the already impressive network of European Stork Villages on Saturday. On 11th June the nature conservation foundation EuroNatur awarded the title of European Stork Village 2016 to the Greek village of Poros.

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Scientists criticize dam projects on the Vjosa

Between June 8 and 10, international experts met with scientists of the University of Tirana in Albania to discuss the future of the Vjosa river. They adopted a joint position paper, which was handed over to the Albanian Ministry of the Environment.

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