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© Gabriel Schwaderer

Thanks to the persistent efforts of EuroNatur and the Spanish nature conservation organisation Fapas things are slowly but steadily improving for the brown bears in the Cantabrian Mountains. More ...


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According to estimates, at least around 40 bears live in captivity in Albania, where they are put on show in bars and restaurants. These illegal practices not only subject these animals to a great deal of suffering, but also have other far-reaching consequences. More...


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© Dietmar Nill

The bear population in Croatia not only suffers from outright shooting. They are frequently victims in collisions with vehicles and threatened by the fragmentation of their habitat through road and railway line construction. More...



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© Katharina Grund

If hunting is not banned in Slovenia, bears will remain acutely endangered. There is indeed great danger that the entire bear population of the Dinaric Alps will be affected given the present high rate of shooting in Slovenia. More ...



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© Fritz Schimandl

In Greece the most urgent problem is above all the way road construction is fragmenting the bears' habitat. Every year Greek brown bears are killed in traffic accidents. More ...



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© Gunther Willinger

In the Carpathian Mountains the brown bear populations of Europe find one of their most important remaining homes. But above all the fragmentation of their habitats by road and rail construction is an issue requiring attention in Romania. More ...

Trans-European Wildlife Networks

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© Jan-Hendrik Huch

For species such as wolves, bears, lynxes and their prey roads and railway lines frequently form insurmountable hurdles. How can this negative impact be kept at a minimum? More...


Food for Carrion eaters

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© Fapas

For bears and other wild animals carrion is - at least partially - a precious source of food. But with the disappearance of traditional nature-friendly methods of farming increasing lack of carcasses to be found. More...

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