EuroNatur Board of Trustees

Well advised - the EuroNatur Board of Trustees

<p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>                Peter Rüther, elected Chairman of the EuroNatur Board of Trustees</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>
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Peter Rüther was elected Chairman of the EuroNatur Board of Trustees in December 2015. It was on long walks through the Weserbergland, the country he grew up in, that he discovered how important Nature was for him. „In particular it is the cultural landscapes that have appealed to me. Linking the needs of human beings and nature is a very real concern of mine.“

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Members of the Board of Trustees

at present:

Heiko Arjes (forester)
Karl Banghard (archeologist and EuroNatur donor)
Beate Blahy (former Chair of the Federal Association Naturwacht e.V., Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve ) 
Stephan Börnecke (freelance journalist and author)
Iris Brunar (BUND - Elbe project)
Dr. Ernst Paul Dörfler (author and EuroNatur Award Winner 2010)
Dr. Jutta Emig (Ministerial Councillor at the Ministry for the Environment)
Roberto Epple (President European Rivers Network und EuroNatur Laureat 2018)
Dr. Esther-Celia Heidbüchel (executive consultant)
Prof. Dr. Sven Olaf Hoffmann (former Member of the Board of EuroNatur)
Dr. Uwe Kozina (former Member of the Board of EuroNatur)
Rüdiger Kuhn (North Europe President at Cemex)
Rudolf Meyer (former Head of Waterworks at Gelsenwasser AG)
Prof. Dr.Maciej Nowicki (Polish Minister for the Environment 2007-2009)
Eva Pongratz (CEO of Karl-Oskar Koenigs Foundation National Parks)
Peter Rüther (Head of the Biological Field Station, Paderborn – Senne district)
Friederike Siegmann (lawyer)
Gudrun Steinacker (former ambassador and EuroNatur Laureat 2017)
Dr. Heinz Tegethoff (finance expert)
Dr. Norbert Wiersbinski (Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm)

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