Sabine Günther

Donations management

EuroNatur employe Sabine Günther
© Kerstin Sauer

Sabine Günther has been working for EuroNatur since 1991 and has made important contributions to establishing the foundation. Nowadays she is above all responsible for dealing with donors.

Whenever you wish to to know how you can support our work as advocate of nature in Europe, or if you have enquiries about our projects, you will find Sabine Günther ready to answer your questions. Also please address yourself directly to her if you are considering supporting us with a legacy or a donation.

In her own words:  “When someone makes a donation to EuroNatur I see it as a sign of trust in us and in our work. I regard it as my special responsibility to ensure that those placing this trust in us  can rely on us to carry out their wishes.”