Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

Leaving a gift for nature in your Will

Your memory can live on in Europe's nature

By leaving a bequest in your Will, you can also set a course for the future. And by contributing to the preservation of Europe’s natural heritage, you can ensure your memory is kept alive in a dignified way. Leaving a gift as part of your Will makes it possible for you to maintain your autonomy even after your death. It is generally recommended that you have the Will certified by a notary who will know exactly what to look out for and how to avoid later challenges. 

EuroNatur earns your trust

Our activities are overseen by the Freiburg Regional Council and the German tax authorities. Additionally, we voluntarily have our annual financial statements audited by an independent auditing firm every year. EuroNatur is one of the first recipients in the field of nature conservation to be awarded the DZI seal of approval. In awarding the seal, the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) certifies, among other things, that there is a transparent and economical use of funds, integrity in soliciting donations and reasonable expenditure on administration.  

The state will not take a share of your legacy

As EuroNatur Foundation is exempt from inheritance and gift tax due to its non-profit status, any donated or inherited assets are used exclusively for the Foundation’s purposes without any deduction for tax. This means that the money will go exactly where the person who has made the Will wishes it to go, without the involvement of the tax authorities.

We respect your wishes

If a particular EuroNatur project area or the protection of a specific species such as wolves, bears, lynx or migratory birds is especially close to your heart, we will ensure that that your gift is used for the purpose you intend. We would be happy to make suggestions in this respect.

These people have chosen to leave a gift to EuroNatur in their Will

Stefan Heitmann, teacher, Düsseldorf

"I hope that others will act in a similar way and realise how urgent it is to make a stand for nature conservation. Nature can’t lobby for itself and it is being trampled underfoot! I hope that people will come to the realisation that creation is a precious thing in itself and must be preserved in an enduring way. We need to make sure there is some money left over for this too.” You can read more in the interview „Die Natur gibt es nicht zum Nulltarif!“ (pdf, 117 Kb) (Nature doesn’t come for free! - available in German only).

Dr Ulrike Hurler, retired specialist in internal medicine, Heidenheim

"For me, nature conservation is a very important and sensitive issue. Before I drafted my Will, I had in-depth discussions with Sabine Günther and Gabriel Schwaderer. At EuroNatur I am seen as human being and not just a number. That is something I have a very good feeling about.” You can read more in „Ein Testament für die Natur“, pdf, 200 Kb (A Will for Nature – available in German only).

We hold the “Erbschaftssiegel” - the Legacy Seal of Approval

In 2020, the initiative “Mein Erbe tut Gutes” (My legacy can do good) introduced an inheritance seal which is a mark of integrity and respectability in this sensitive area. EuroNatur is a holder of the seal and, like all the other organisations and foundations that are also seal-holders, is committed to upholding the following guidelines:

  • Ensuring freedom of choice
  • Care and respect in dealing with your legacy
  • Ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and the highest levels of transparency

You can find out more at www.erbschaftssiegel.de  (available in German only).

legacy can do good - the Apple Tree Principle

EuroNatur has been a member of an initiative entitled “Mein Erbe tut Gutes - das Prinzip Apfelbaum” (My legacy can do good - the Apple Tree Principle) since January 2016. The initiative provides people who are considering leaving a bequest with advice and guidance on how to actively draft their Will. It also shows how legacies and bequests can sustainably safeguard the successful work of non-profit organisations.

What will remain of me when I am no longer here? Eleven well-known personalities including Günter Grass, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Richard von Weizsäcker and Margot Kässmann answer this question openly and frankly. The resulting short films formed part of an exhibition that recently toured Germany.

The Prinzip Apfelbaum - Magazin über das, was bleibt (The Apple Tree Principle - a magazine about “What remains?” - available in German only) is an entertaining and inspiring publication that is geared to the real-life needs of its readership. You can expect the following, clearly presented content:

  • ADVICE (design ideas, answers to frequently asked questions);
  • PEOPLE (conversations with role models);
  • IMPULSE (thought provoking ideas and inspiration);
  • KNOWLEDGE (suggestions, assistance, insight);
  • HEADINGS: Quotes; facts and figures; reading tips; Did you know?


The high-quality layout and unique content invite you to browse, wonder and reflect. Discover Prinzip Apfelbaum – Das Magazin über das, was bleibt (The Apple Tree Principle - a magazine about “What remains?” – German only).

Our clearly set out brochure also provides you with important information about legacy donation. You can obtain it free of charge and without obligation from:

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