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A young lynx is walking along a game trail in the forest. A young lynx is walking along a game trail in the forest.
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I support the EuroNatur Foundation because nature needs our help more than ever.

Richard Otto Kirchmann
Donor since 1992, sponsor for lynx conservation since 2009

Wanted: lynx sponsors!

Lynx are skilled hunters: stealthy and well camouflaged, they stalk their prey through dense undergrowth. With their sharp eyes, they can spot a rabbit from a distance of 300 metres - even at dusk. But if extensive forests and unfragmented landscapes cease to exist as habitats, the Lynx’s agility and excellent senses will be of little use. The increasing destruction of their habitat as well as the threat from poaching means that only small remnant populations of these shy big cats remain in Europe today.

Together with internationally recognised lynx experts and selected partners from the countries concerned, EuroNatur is fighting to ensure that the lynx can survive and, that it can once more expand its range in Europe. Protecting the last remaining Balkan lynx, a subspecies of the Eurasian lynx, is an important priority. We are therefore in urgent need of donations!

With a lynx sponsorship you can help us to improve the survival chances of these big, beautiful cats in Europe. In doing so, you will be supporting our work to safeguard lynx habitats, combat poaching, develop transboundary protection strategies, and much more.

Donations have made these activities possible:

  • Increased knowledge of the lynx

    With the help of camera traps, our Macedonian partners have been able to detect the presence of Balkan lynx in the Mavrovo National Park as well as in neighbouring areas. The images help to increase knowledge of these shy big cats and, as a result,  we can better protect them.

  • Important habitats safeguarded

    On 21 May 2008, the Albanian government officially designated 340 square kilometres of the Shebenik-Jablanica mountain range as a national park. Without the many years of preparatory work carried out by EuroNatur and its partners, this would not have happened. 

  • Prospects created for nature and people

    Together with our partners, we have launched a variety of initiatives aimed at helping people to be economically active in a way that is compatible with nature. One practical example is the cross-border hiking trail which runs along the Balkan Green Belt. The goal is to promote soft tourism and thereby protect lynx habitats permanently.

Reliable and transparent

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Your advantages as a sponsor

  • You will receive a certificate as an award for your commitment.
  • If you prefer, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed.
  • The sponsorship contributions are donations and therefore tax-deductible in Germany.
  • You can give away a sponsorship and receive the gift certificate immediately.
  • With a sponsorship at EuroNatur you get the security of working together with an audited organization that has been awarded the DZI donation seal, is established in professional circles and is internationally networked.
  • The sponsorship can be terminated at any time and without notice - a phone call or e-mail is all it takes. (The direct debit authorization then also expires automatically.)

Do you have any questions?

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With a lynx sponsorship at EuroNatur you effectively strengthen the cross-border cooperation in European nature conservation for the benefit of the lynxes. Especially the Balkan lynx needs to be better protected. Be part of it too!

Lisa Leschinski Lisa Leschinski
Project manager for lynx conservation
How you can help

Future needs nature. EuroNatur cares for it. Please help anyway you can. With your donation you will make an effective contribution to protect lynx in Europe.

Lynx sponsorship

Europe's lynx are persecuted and poached, their habitats plundered and destroyed. But we can do something about it! Support us in protecting the elegant brush-eared animals.