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A mother wolf is lying in the grass with her cub standing next to her. A mother wolf is lying in the grass with her cub standing next to her.
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I support EuroNatur because I have been paying a sponsorship for bear and wolf for more than 20 years and can see credible successes in this field through the regular reports.

Andreas Lordick, PhD
Donor for bear and wolf conservation programs since 1992

Wanted: wolf sponsors!

Can you imagine walking the 60 kilometre distance from Heidelberg to Darmstadt in Germany? If you can, you will get a sense of just how far a Wolf can cover in a single night as it roams through its territory. Yet it is difficult for the wolf to escape the threats posed to it by humans. In society, there is still little acceptance of these grey hunters. And poachers continue to prey on the rare animals even today.

EuroNatur is standing up for wolves in Europe. We are campaigning so that these furry wild animals can extend their range again - without being disturbed when they do so. We are therefore in urgent need of donations!

With a wolf sponsorship, you can help us, among other things, to increase our knowledge of the European wolf population. We will then be able to formulate suitable protection measures as well as to develop and implement wolf management plans, enabling potential conflicts between humans and wolves to be defused before they occur.

Donations have made these activities possible:

  • More habitat for wolves

    Together with our partners, we have been working for many years to restore wolf migration corridors in Poland - with success. The wolves are gradually extending their range from the east of the country to the west.

  • Wolf country saved

    After intensive lobbying by EuroNatur and other nature conservation organisations, the Polish government has decided not to allow the route for the expansion of the “Via Baltica” motorway to run through the ecologically important Rospuda Valley.

  • Fellow campaigners enlisted

    Together with our Bulgarian partners, we have organised numerous workshops and brought previously hostile interest groups to the negotiating table. This has paved the way for the development of a wolf management plan for Bulgaria and, as a result, to improve the situation of the wolves there.

Reliable and transparent

Click on an image to enlarge it. You will find detailed information on our transparency in our annual report.

Your advantages as a sponsor

  • You will receive a certificate as an award for your commitment.
  • If you prefer, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed.
  • The sponsorship contributions are donations and therefore tax-deductible in Germany.
  • You can give away a sponsorship and receive the gift certificate immediately.
  • With a sponsorship at EuroNatur you get the security of working together with an audited organization that has been awarded the DZI donation seal, is established in professional circles and is internationally networked.
  • The sponsorship can be terminated at any time and without notice - a phone call or e-mail is all it takes. (The direct debit authorization then also expires automatically.)

Do you have any questions?

Click here to find answers to frequently asked questions as well as contact details for your individual consultation.

With a wolf sponsorship at EuroNatur you effectively strengthen the cross-border cooperation for the protection of Europe's wolves. There is still a lot to do - be part of it!

Antje Henkelmann Antje Henkelmann
Project manager for bear and wolf conservation
How you can help

Future needs nature. EuroNatur cares for it. Please help anyway you can. With your donation you will make an effective contribution to protect wolves in Europe.

Wolf sponsorship

Admired, feared, persecuted: Man's relationship with the wolf has been ambivalent for millennia. Help us to protect these fascinating animals permanently.