Agricultural Policy

Advocating a better agricultural policy

© Gunther Willinger
Intensification and industrialisation of agriculture has caused the loss of more and more ecologically precious habitats. © Gunther Willinger

If we wish to preserve the biological diversity of Europe, the agricultural policy of the EU will have to be oriented to policies that are compatible with nature - policies that refrain from harming natural resources and encourage regional marketing and quality of produce. Very aware of the enormous significance of agricultural policy for nature conservation in Europe, EuroNatur has for many years been campaigning in Berlin and Brussels for a change of direction to ensure sustainable use of natural resources.

More on our work in Berlin and Brussels


Cooperation with other associations
To give greater weight to our demands we have been working ever since 2000 in team with now 29 associations dedicated to the interests of consumers, of nature, of animals and of traditional farming. In conjunction with the associations in this group we take a public stand on current topics of agricultural policy and produce concrete suggestions for a form of agriculture compatible with nature and with the needs of farmers and consumers.

More on the work of this alliance of associations

Here you can read the Position Paper "For an agricultural policy that is supported by society" (March 2017)

000000 German Platform for another CAP March 2017

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Our projects for an ecologically compatible agriculture in Europe

© Davorka Kitonic
© Davorka Kitonic

From 2010 to 2013 EuroNatur has coordinated the project “The better agricultural policy - for sustainable rural development”. In team with the organisations in the alliance EuroNatur monitored the prevailing reform process in EU agricultural policy and campaigned for a fundamental social and ecological reorientation of European agriculture.

This project has been complemented with the initiative “Alliance for Nature Conservation and Agriculture in the Alps” which was started in the autumn of 2011 and was coordinated by EuroNatur. The alliance is an affiliation of farming and nature conservation associations in the German-speaking section of the Alps fighting for the conservation and fostering of mountain farming.

Read more about the two EuroNatur projects for the reform of agricultural policies

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