The Last Few of its Kind

Team members of CBD Habitat, the Spanish partner of EuroNatur, announced a true sensation at the end of September 2009: at the beach of Cap Blanc, the Mauritanian part of the Atlantic Coast, a monk seal was born. An occurence like that was last reported in the 15th century!

The Mediterranean monk seal is one of the most endangered mammals worldwide. Only a few hundred animals live in the Mediterranean Sea and off the Mauritanian coast. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimates that the current total population of monk seals amounts to 350 to 450 animals.
The birth of a young female has therefore a symbolic aspect. It acknowledges the joint efforts of CBD Habitat and EuroNatur to protect monks seals at Cap Blanc, which now bears fruit of success!
In an interview, Pablo Fernandez de Larrinoa, project leader with CBD Habitat, gives more insight into the difficult and fascinating work of seal protection groups along the Mauritanian coast.


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