Gabriela Strobel


EuroNatur employe Gabriela Strobel
© Gunther Willinger

With qualifications in retail and as a specialist in financial bookkeeping, Gabriela Strobel joined EuroNatur in 2004 where she deals with accounts. Every receipt coming in goes over her desk and is carefully documented and entered. She is the main person responsible for the foundation's  monthly and annual statements of accounts and she supervises the use made of donations, ensuring they are used for the given purpose.

Liquidity planning, project statements and the administration of project documents are a part of her work. In this process Gabriela Strobel checks carefully to see that the money has been used according to contract in the various EuroNatur project areas, for instance for the purchase of land,  (special) equipment or workshops. In presenting the current annual statement to a recognised audit firm Gabriela Strobel ensures the financial transparency of EuroNatur.

What does she enjoy about working for EuroNatur? “Work in the nature conservation field is really worthwhile and it's interesting. What I particularly like at EuroNatur is the international character.”