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Don't be afraid of flood

This late afternoon, the Croatian conservationist Goran Gugic will receive the EuroNatur Award 2011 on the island of Mainau in Lake Constance. Last year, Dr. Ernst Paul Dörfer had been awarded for his commitment to protect the river Elbe. With the 2011 award, EuroNatur has linked Europe by including the Sava floodplains in Croatia, the largest alluvial wetlands in Europe covering more than 1.200 square kilometres.

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Living with water

As manager of the nature park Lonjsko Polje in the Sava wetlands, Goran Gugic has created a model of how cultural landscapes in Europe can be efficiently protected. On October 2011 he will be awarded with this year's EuroNatur prize on the island of Mainau, Lake Constance.

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German-Polish wolf population keeps growing

Compared to last year's census, the number of wolf packs in western Poland, close to the German border, has been rising. This is the result of a wolf monitoring project financed by the IFAW and the nature heritage fund EuroNatur and carried out by the Polish Association for Nature (AfN) WOLF, which presented its current report.

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EU-Accession of Croatia: Valuable Cultural Landscapes as "endowment"

Last Friday, Croatia was cleared to become the newest member state of the European Union. In accordance with the current political progress, EuroNatur will award the EuroNatur prize 2011 to the Croatian conservationist Goran Gugic in October of this year.

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Barrosso wants to cut Environmental Agricultural Programmes

Trusted sources report that Barroso, EU-commission president, intends to reduce drastically the funds of the so-called second pillar of the EU agricultural policy, thereby affecting the resources for agricultural environmental programmes. Conservationists and farmers are equally shocked by these plans.

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Ambassador for Stork Protection

On May 29 2011, EuroNatur awarded the title of 11th European stork village to the scenic Turkish village of Eskikaraagac, honouring the villagers' outstanding efforts to protect the white stork and the cultural landscape at Lake Uluabat, well known for its rich biodiversity.

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Croatia: Unique Riverscape of the Sava in jeopardy

Nature conservationists and representatives from the shipping industry at one table: On the symposium "Navigable Waterway and Natura 2000 Site: the future of the river Sava" held by EuroNatur on April 13 and 14 at the Goethe-Institute in Zagreb, different lobbying groups searched for viable proposals regarding an ecologically compatible navigation on the river Sava.

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Hope for Europe's Amazonas?

On March 25, the responsible ministers for the environment of Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia did their job properly. They signed a joint declaration of intent for a Trans-Boundary UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the first of its kind in the world extending over five country borders.

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River regulation threatens EU-membership of Croatia

Beach holiday and a steel blue Adriatic Sea: that's what most people have in mind when thinking of Croatia. Yet very few know that its hinterland hosts the largest floodplain forests in Europe. But these floodplaines are in danger.

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Nature Treasures of Europe 2011

For the 18th time already, EuroNatur, in cooperation with Deutsche Lufthansa AG, "natur+kosmos" and NaturVision, will host the photography competition "Nature Treasures of Europe".

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