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Building a wide network for Europe’s nature

© Isabel Tschopp
© Isabel Tschopp

Achieving stability by weaving networks is one of the main principles of nature and an integral constituent of EuroNatur’s philosophy.

Our projects unite nature conservationists, scientists, politicians and citizens across borders in order to jointly protect Europe’s natural treasures.

Become a part of this network, too!

Raise your voice for nature - take part in our petitions!

Public pressure on decision-making bodies in politics, business and society is effective! You can currently participate in the following signature collections:

We’re happy whenever you share our contents

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Doing this, you will help us increase the reach of our messages.

Do you want to collect donations yourself?

You can start your own fundraising campaign for one of our projects. Birthdays and anniversaries are perfect for this. But even self created events are welcome. Please contact or simply use "Facebook fundraisers" on  

Do you run a blog or website?

There you might link to our websites (see above) in your blog entries or links section.

Are you Wikipedia author?

Irrespective of your language of writing – it helps very much in making us known, if you refer to EuroNatur as a source of information in relevant articles.

Do you take pictures?

Then you might be interested in our well-established photo competition. Participation is free of charge.

Are you artist or music manager?

You might arrange charity concerts, even small ones, provide exhibition space at events and soundtracks for film productions, or use other opportunities to promote the topics of organisations like EuroNatur with the audience.

Are you a documentary or amateur filmmaker, or YouTuber?

Videos of all kind are important formats for transporting our contents. Get in contact with us: markus.dressnandt(at)

Are you a programmer?

If you can envision to engage in developing a EuroNatur app or game pro bono, please contact markus.dressnandt(at)

Are you entrepreneur, executive manager or freelancer?

Here we have put together some suggestions for you.

Are you journalist or blogger?

In our press room, you find press releases, our RSS feeds, as well as our press contacts.

Are you politically active?

Please find expertise on nature conservation and agricultural policies here and specifically with Lutz Ribbe, director of our nature conservation policy department and member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC): lutz.ribbe(at)

Can you make a donation?

Your donation for Europe's nature works! With your contribution you become part of an independent and networked civil society in Europe, which is strongly committed to the preservation of our basics of life. Please use your possibilities here.

Thank you!

Our work to protect Europe's nature depends on people who support us within their possibilities.That's why we ask you to join us in promoting our shared values! Help us to do something concrete against species extinction and climate change! Please take part in averting existential threats from future generations! Because future needs nature - and as far as we're all concerned, the only way we can solve this is by working together.

Do you have any questions? We would like to listen!

Please do not hesitate to call or write to us. We are committed to an appreciative, personal style in interaction with the people who support us. 

Markus Dressnandt
Tel. +49 7732 9272 23

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