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Are you a EuroNatur donor who is passionate about our work? Then why not support us - in addition to making a donation yourself - by using your powers of persuasion? Become a EuroNatur ambassador and share your passion for the Foundation’s work with your friends and acquaintances. The more people we recruit as EuroNatur ambassadors, the more we can achieve together for the preservation of Europe's fascinating natural treasures. Come and join us!

You can really let your creativity run free: birthdays, clubs and associations, company or school parties, sporting events and many other occasions are all opportunities. For occasions with a larger number of participants, a EuroNatur staff member may also be able to give a presentation. 

Valerie Forster talks about her experience as a EuroNatur Ambassador

Portrait Valerie Forster

Valerie Forster at a book reading.


Committed, sincere, engaged: the artist talks about the motivation behind her active involvement at  (in German only).

Combining art and conservation

“Nature is my source of inspiration, so nature conservation is a subject which is very close to my heart.” A love of nature as well as of creative pursuits shaped Valerie Forster’s character from an early age. It’s how she came to be a graphic designer and author. She has also completed distance learning courses in a variety of natural sciences as well as in philosophy. Themes from nature and the art of living a nature-oriented lifestyle are now the subjects of her books, which she designs and illustrates herself. She is also often out and about in nature with her camera. When she is, she notices just how much nature is being exploited and destroyed by humans. “That’s how I became interested in getting involved in nature conservation through my artistic work,”  she says. Valerie Forster likes to think outside the box, which is why the concept behind the EuroNatur Foundation is a perfect fit for her: “Networking conservation organisations across Europe and working with them to promote ecological development through long-term species conservation projects is a combination that immediately won me over."

Valerie Forster's readers and exhibition visitors are captivated by nature. Many are interested in learning about the foundation that the artist supports. Change starts in the mind, so finding out more is the first step towards taking action yourself: “That’s how I started my journey as a sustaining member and EuroNatur Ambassador too.” Valerie Forster does not want to push anyone, she simply tells people about EuroNatur, and about ways to get involved, through the medium of her work. She uses her website  among other things, to do this. On the website she has an additional page for EuroNatur. In her blog, Valerie Forster writes about books, the art of living and her love of nature - the three themes of her art. It’s an opportunity to include topics related to EuroNatur. She can also talk about EuroNatur at her readings. Flyers are available at her current photographic exhibition and she is hoping to dedicate even more space to EuroNatur at her next exhibition.

As big as the hurdles standing in the way of nature conservation may sometimes seem, Valerie Forster is clear: "One person alone can't save the world, but the sum of the little things we do every day can make everything better and, together, make a big difference." So let's get started!

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