EuroNatur Award

Honouring Environmental Excellence

EuroNatur in front of castle Mainau

For many years now, the EuroNatur Award Ceremony has taken place at Mainau Castle.

© Peter Schmenger

The EuroNatur Award for Environmental Excellence shall honour an outstanding commitment in the field of nature conservation, the preservation of our environment, environmental education and the support of sustainable development. The award shall be presented to personalities who have committed themselves in an exemplary manner to the preservation of natural resources over a long period of time.

The EuroNatur Award for Environmental Excellence was awarded for the first time in 1992. Ever since several outstanding public figures have been honoured for their private, social, economical or political activities in the field of nature conservation. The festive award-ceremony accompanied by an international public relations campaign emphasized the merits of the laureats and the special needs of nature conservation.

Proposals for the EuroNatur Award for Environmental Excellence can be made by environmental NGOs, the members of the board of trustees and the chairmanship of EuroNatur, former prize winners and in special cases national and regional governments. Self-nomination is not possible.

List of Laureates

Polish river protectors on Mainau Island
© Gerald Jarausch


The Save the Rivers Coalition Koalicja Ratujmy Rzeki. Outstanding commitment to protecting free-flowing rivers in Poland and dedicated cross-border cooperation.

Antje and Adelina
© Gerald Jarausch


Antje Grothus, Fedir Hamor and the nature conservation initiative Free Svydovets. Outstanding engagement for the protection of Europe's last natural and old-growth forests - under the most difficult conditions.


EuroNatur Award 2021 for IPBES
© Gerald Jarausch


The researchers of the World Biodiversity Council IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services). Outstanding engagement for the protection of biodiversity and the environment.


Representative of the municipality of Mals
© Kerstin Sauer


The municipality of Mals in South Tyrol. Tireless commitment to sustainable agriculture without pesticides.




EuroNatur laureates 2019
© Gerald Jarausch

The “Brave women of Kruščica”, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Extraordinary courage and perseverance in protecting their river.



EuroNatur laureate 2018
© Gerald Jarausch

Roberto Epple, President of the European Rivers Network. Outstanding commitment to the protection of European river landscapes.


EuroNatur laureate 2017
© Gerald Jarausch

Gudrun Steinacker, former ambassador in Montenegro. Outstanding commitment for the protection of Salina Ulcinj.


EuroNatur laureate 2016
© Matthias Schickhofer

Gabriel Paun, founder and president of the Romanian NGO Agent Green. Outstanding commitment for the protection of Romania's primeval forests. 


EuroNatur laureate 2015
© Kerstin Sauer

Jonathan Franzen, best-selling US author and passionate bird-watcher. Outstanding commitment for bird protection in Europe.


Hnutí Duha (Friends of the Earth Czech Republic) is one of the leading nature conservation NGOs in the Czech Republic, outstanding commitment for the protection of Šumava National Park/ European Green Belt.


Dr. Mario Broggi, forestry engineer and ecologist. Outstanding dedication for the protection of European natural heritage.


Dagi Kieffer (deceased January 2021), founder of the German Foundation for Ecology & Farming. Outstanding  dedication for organic farming. 


Goran Gugic, Croatian conservationist and EuroNatur partner. Outstanding commitment for the protection of Sava and Danube floodlands.


Dr. Ernst Paul Dörfler, conservationist and author from Eastern Germany, especially championing for the protection of Elbe floodlands.


Island of Tilos (Dodecanese). The award was accepted by mayor Dr. Anastasios Aliferis on behalf of the citizens of Tilos.


Prof. Dr. Herbert Sukopp, professor emeritus for ecosytem research at the Technical University of Berlin


Luc Hoffmann, MAVA Founder and President Emeritus of MAVA Foundation


Roland Emmerich, film director and producer


Dr. Hans Bibelriether, former director of Bavarian Forest National Park


Nelson Mandela, first democratic president of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner 1993 (deceased 2013)


Michail Gorbatschow, former president of the Soviet Union and  Nobel Peace Prize winner 1990 (deceased 2022)


His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales (since 8 September 2022 Charles III)


Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth, founder of the Schweisfurth-Foundation and entrepreneur (deceased February 2020)


Volker Angres, Head of Environmental Department, ZDF (German TV)


Prof. Dr. Ernst Waldemar Bauer, nature documentary producer (deceased 2015)


Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former Executive Director of the UnitedNations Environment Programme (UNEP)


Matthias Platzeck, Prime Minister of Brandenburg

Other EuroNatur-Award winners:

1997 Prof. Dr. Bernhard Friedmann, former President and Member of European Court of Auditors - 1996 Arnulf Müller-Helmbrecht, General Secretary of the Bonn Convention and Ulf Doerner, engineer for environmental technology - 1995 Prof. Dr. h.c. Dieter Stolte, Director of Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (German television channel) (deceased December 2023) - 1994 Jürgen Weber, Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Lufthansa - 1993 Matthias Kleinert, former General Manager of Political and Foreign Affairs of DaimlerChrysler - 1992 Eco-city partnership Sersheim (Germany) / Canale (Italy)