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Lynx Caught in Photo “Radar”

The EuroNatur partner organisation MES (Macedonian Ecological Society) reports a great success: with the help of a so-called photo trap, the lynx experts succeeded for the first time to prove the existence of a Balkan lynx not only in the Mavrovo National Park but now also in the Jablancia-Shebenik mountains along the borders of Macedonia and Albania.

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Award for Wolf Protection!

Great pleasure for EuroNatur’s partner WILK: the Polish natural heritage fund is the winner of the Traveler 2009 Award of the magazine National Geographic Poland. The award in the category “Social Initiative of the Year” acknowledges WILK’s successful PR work, which raised awareness for the protection of wolves and other predators among the Polish population.


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Balkan Lynx „Marko“ On The Air

Sensation in the Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia: for the first time, members of the environmental conservation organisation MES (Macedonian Ecological Society) and gamekeepers of the national park administration managed to catch a Balkan lynx in the evening of March 14th, 2010. They measured it and provided it with a GPS transmitter collar round its neck.

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Wolf protectors favourite for a prize

EuroNatur is delighted with the nomination for the Traveller 2009 Award for its Polish partner WILK. Every year, the magazine National Geographic Poland awards this prize in five different categories. WILK has been nominated in the category “Social Initiative of the Year”. With this award, the committee recognises the successful work of WILK: Their awareness training creates the required acceptance among the Polish population for a continued protection of wolves and other predators.

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Clearing the way for Europe's wild animals

Especially Europe's bears, wolves and lynx are threatened by the fragmentation of their habitats. In view of the rapid expansion of road and rail networks, above all in Central and Southeast Europe, this situation becomes more and more precarious.

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Camera trap took first picture of Balkan lynx

At the turn of the year, a camera trap in the border area between Macedonia and Albania took a picture of a Balkan lynx. This photo was the first direct evidence that the endangered subspecies of the Eurasian lynx still exists.

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