Balkan Green Belt

Valuable habitats for Imperial Eagle & Co.

© Herbert Bachmeier
© Herbert Bachmeier

In the shadow of the former Iron Curtain unique habitats had remained intact. Now they are without protection and are increasingly having to make way for human use of the land. EuroNatur with its partners is championing the cause of preserving the valuable bird habitats along the European Green Belt.

Whether it is the primeval riverscapes of the Drava and Mura or the species-rich traditional landscape of the Sakar Hills; whether it is the almost untouched Bojana Buna Delta with Lake Skadar or the vast wetlands complex of Dragoman or again the Prespa-Ohrid region in the South of the Balkan Green Belt – in all these precious refuges rare and endangered bird species such as the European Roller, Dalmatian Pelican and Imperial Eagle still find a habitat. Trans-boundary nature conservation within the framework of the European Green Belt offers a chance for sustainable regional development, for instance through nature tourism, in the border areas that were once no man's land. Precisely here in the Balkans there are opportunities that must not be missed.

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