Birds and natural paradise Lake Skadar

Lush riparian forests and extensive shallow water zones: Lake Skadar is a perfect habitat for thousands of birds, including rare Dalmatian pelicans. The short film “Skadar” explores the impressive scenery and unique beauty of the lake and its surroundings in the borderland of Montenegro and Albania.

Grmožur island in Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar is rich in islands (pictured: Grmožur island in Montenegro’s Lake Skadar National Park)

© Martin Schneider-Jacoby


The largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula has also been among the first project areas of EuroNatur. The main focus of our work is the protection of the local Dalmatian pelican population. Cooperating with local partners, we are committed to safeguarding the breeding areas of the shy birds and to further building up the small colony.


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