Construction stop of hydropower plant in Valbona Valley

Construction site of the Dragobia power plant in the Valbona National Park

The Dragobia power plant under construction in Valbona National Park, the construction of which has now been brought to a judicial halt.

© Mirjan Aliaj

Through the untouched Albanian Alps in the Northern part of the Adriatic country runs the Valbonia river which yet maintained its wild and original nature. However, dam projects pose a constant threat to Albania’s beautiful river. In 2017, the Albanian conservation organisation TOKA and affected residents filed a suit in the Albanian administrative court against the construction of the Dragobia Energy hydropower plant – and they won their case!

On 6 June 2018, the Appeals Court ruled to stop immediately all the construction work on the hydropower plants in Valbona Valley National Park. The Court´s reasoning: irregularities in the issue of the environmental impact assessment as well as a lack of involvement of affected residents. This is the next hopeful court ruling to protect Albania’s wild rivers following a similar verdict regarding the hydropower plant Poçem at the Vjosa river.

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