Daniela Löchle

Deputy Head of Administration, Human Resources & Accounts and Executive Director of EuroNatur Service GmbH

EuroNatur employe Daniela Löchle
© Kerstin Sauer

When Daniela Löchle first started at EuroNatur Foundation as a book-keeper in 1990 there was only a handful of permanent staff here. Meantime the team is almost 30 strong. Moreover, in 1995, EuroNatur-Service GmbH was founded with Daniela as its Executive director. “I have grown with EuroNatur” says the book-keeper, who describes herself as very close to nature. “What I really want to do is something meaningful in my working life.“

Since starting work for EuroNatur, her job responsibilities have got considerably wider: amongst other things, she is responsible for producing the annual accounts for the EuroNatur foundation, the EuroNatur Service GmbH as well as 3 trust foundations that are administered under the aegis of EuroNatur. Daniela also looks after all the tax returns and is responsible for human resources. She also produces and controls the financial running of special projects.

Daniela finds the work anything but dull: “There’s always something happening here. Because of my long service, I feel very attached to the organisation.”