Nadya Moussa

Project administration

EuroNatur employee Nadya Moussa
© Kerstin Sauer

"I'm extremely outdoorsy!" Nadya Moussa says of herself. When she's not saving the world, the Egyptology graduate prefers to spend her time in nature, soaking up the silence in the forest, or observing animals. Nadya Moussa was in particular need of such downtime during the years when she was working full-time in humanitarian aid. In a small organization that was primarily concerned with disaster relief, Nadya was first responsible for fundraising, then later for project administration and project management. At some point, however, she felt she was "just cleaning up the effects of earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods, instead of being able to really create something." Out of a need to "make a difference in a more sustainable way," Nadya Moussa switched jobs, to EuroNatur in October 2022, where she has since worked at the intersection of administration and project work.

Nadya Moussa supports EuroNatur‘s project managers by reviewing financial reports from EuroNatur partner organizations and writing financial reports to EuroNatur donors. Her specialties include EU-funded projects, which are particularly demanding in terms of management. In addition, Nadya Moussa's responsibilities include the administration of the „European Green Belt Association“, which EuroNatur chairs to advance the European Green Belt initiative

"EuroNatur is devoted to trust and diversity. The team is deliberately diverse and critical thoughts are welcome here. I felt in good hands at EuroNatur right from the start," says Nadya Moussa.