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Cover EuroNatur Magazine 3/21

We publish the magazine four times a year to keep our supporters up to date on all the latest developments in our project areas. Discover more about migratory birds, brown bears or primary forests in the magazine’s captivating reports and richly illustrated features, and get to know the people who are campaigning to protect Europe’s natural heritage through informative interviews.

Unfortunately, our magazine is only available in German, but we have translated selected articles and offer them for download in English. Read them online!

A strong start in Brussels (1/22)

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EuroNatur Award 2021 goes to scientists of the World Biodiversity Council (4/21)

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Scientists study the tributaries of the Vjosa (3/21)

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United against hopelessness (1/21)

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The Vjosa at a Crossroad (1/21)

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A candy for migratory birds (1/21)

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Nature Conservation Underground (2/20)

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