Winners 2015

Photo Competition 2015 - The Winners

Here you can see the winner photos of Photography Competition 2015. We thank all photographers for participating. Please try again! We would be very happy to receive many first-class photos again next year.

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The harpist

© Thomas Vallotton
© Thomas Vallotton

First prize: Thomas Vallotton

Seeing it perched on a dry stalk you'd think the diminutive mantis was playing a harp or is it a set of bells? Perfectly camouflaged against the background of its “instrument” it can well feel safe from those hoping to prey on it. Da capo!

The Curious Caterpillarbird

© Jose Luis Rodriguez
© Jose Luis Rodriguez

Second prize:  Jose Luis Rodriguez

A furry rainbow caterpillar? Wrong! Here nine European Bee-eaters have snuggled up to one another on a single twig. When the weather gets cool these sociable little birds keep each other warm. Or were they all just anxious to be in the group photo?

Eurasian Bittern

© Jonas Landolt
© Jonas Landolt

Third prize:  Jonas Landolt

Before the Bittern flies off to settle for the night it casts a proprietorial eye over its territory here on the edges of Katzensee near Zurich. Bitterns are nimble in their movements, slipping skilfully through the forest of stalks in these dense reed beds.


Oudemansiella mucida


Fourth price: Erhard Nerger

The glistening-dripping porcelain fungus loves the branches and trunks of rotting beech trees. Here an exquisite cluster is captured by the photographer early one autumn morning in the ancient wood pastures of Emsland.

The battle!

© Thomas Hinsche
© Thomas Hinsche

Fifth prize: Thomas Hinsche

It is not often you see kingfishers duelling. When their territory is challenged they are more likely to see each other off by striking threatening poses. In a fight, each one tries to topple the opponent off its perch and stab it in the neck. Serious injuries are, however, rare.


Autumn mists

© Michael Lauer
© Michael Lauer

Sixth prize: Michael Lauer

Slowly, the finest wreaths of mist rise over the gently rolling lines of hills in the Palatine Forest, interplaying with the dawn light to form halo effects. Magical.


The Northern Gannet

© Dieter Kunzendorf
© Dieter Kunzendorf

Seventh prize: Dieter Kunzendorf

“Thank you for the flowers, darling”. Northern Gannets breed every year on Helgoland. And they are followed by scores of bird-loving paparazzi, intent on capturing the private lives of the “stars” in impressive pictures.


Northern lights

© Robin Eriksson
© Robin Eriksson

Eighth prize: Robin Eriksson

A cold January night in Northern Sweden. In miraculous beauty the polar light beams across the dark sky, growing gradually stronger and stronger. An intimation of eternity!

Under my umbrella

© Walter Bassi
© Walter Bassi

Ninth prize: Walter Bassi

This Aeolidida is scaling the tubes of a European fanworm as if it were a tree. The fanworm's tentacles form an arch like a brilliantly coloured umbrella. Considering that, whenever disturbed, the fanworm retreats into the tubes it has erected for itself this is a rare shot!

Phoebus Apollo

© Daniele Giannetti
© Daniele Giannetti

Ninth prize: Daniele Giannetti

This Phoebus Apollo has chosen this delicate variety of scabious, the scabiosa columbaria, as its place to sleep until the morning sun reaches it. One can see clearly the black-and-white ringed feelers which distinguish it from similar varieties.

European ground squirrel

© Tibor Kercz
© Tibor Kercz

Ninth prize: Tibor Kercz

In a meadow by Lake Balaton the photographer discovered roughly 5o ground squirrels. It was summer in 2014 and he spent hours absorbed in watching these playful little creatures. Was this one picking flowers perhaps?


© Robert Marc Lehmann
© Robert Marc Lehmann

Twelfth place: Robert Marc Lehmann

As the last rays of the sun bid farewell on the shore of Heligoland it almost seems as if this grey seal is giving the photographer a friendly wave. The rippled surface of the water marks the line between sea and air but the grey seal is at home in both.

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