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Start of “European Treasures of Nature 2024” international photography competition

Bearded seal

Fat as protection against the cold by David Oberholzer, 5th place in this year’s photo competition

© David Oberholzer
Rabbits are fighting in the sand

War and Peace by Csaba Daróczi, winning picture in the 2023 EuroNatur photo competition

© Csaba Daroczi

Radolfzell. Here’s to another round of EuroNatur’s international photography exhibition “European Treasures of Nature.” For the 31st time, EuroNatur and its partners in the photo competition are inviting both amateur and professional photographers to capture images of the diverse world of European flora and fauna and the continent’s most beautiful scenery in striking photographs.  

A jury of experts of EuroNatur, “natur”, GELSENWASSER AG and the photo shop LichtBlick in Constance will then select the most impressive images of European nature. The best photographs will be featured in our large EuroNatur calendar and awarded money prizes. The winners’ photos will also be published in both EuroNatur and „natur" magazines and also on the competition organisers’ websites.

The last date for entries is 31 March, 2024. Further information about the competition is available on our website.


Kerstin Sauer, E-Mail: kerstin.sauer(at)euronatur.org, Tel.: +49 (0)7732 - 92 72 45


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