Award for Wolf Protection!

Great pleasure for EuroNatur’s partner WILK: the Polish natural heritage fund is the winner of the Traveler 2009 Award of the magazine National Geographic Poland. The award in the category “Social Initiative of the Year” acknowledges WILK’s successful PR work, which raised awareness for the protection of wolves and other predators among the Polish population.

Close-up of a wolf
© Wolf Steiger

Every year, National Geographic Poland awards the Traveler Award in five different categories. This event draws a lot of public attention in the Polish media. Dr. Robert Myslajek, Vice President of WILK, states that this prize significantly increases the public perception of WILK and their activities. Gabriel Schwaderer, General Manager of Euro Natur, is equally delighted that WILK received this award and emphasizes: “We will only reach our goal to reintroduce wolves in Europe on the long term if we gain acknowledgement for protection measures among the local people. WILK’s excellent work makes a valuable contribution for that purpose.”

Wolf packs again roam through the Saxon Oberlausitz and from there reclaim their former habitats in Germany. Genetic studies of excremental and hair specimen prove that the German and Polish wolves are closely related. Thus, wolf protection in Poland is fundamental for the positive development of the wolf population in Germany, too.

Link to EuroNatur Partner WILK

Read more about EuroNatur’s projects of wolf protection in Poland in the latest project report (pdf.file, 472 kB, German)

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