Breeding record for Dalmatian pelicans

No sign of spring fatigue: for the Dalmatian pelicans of the Albanian Karavasta Lagoon the breeding season is in full swing. The number of pelicans there is the highest it has been for 40 years.

Breeding island with pelicans

Dalmatian pelicans breeding in the Karavasta lagoon.

More than 80 pairs of threatened Dalmatian pelicans have produced eggs this year, and whilst some adult birds are still sitting on their nests, other birds’ young have already hatched. Our partners at the Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS) estimate that, so far, in around 60% of the nests at least one chick has hatched. “85 breeding pairs is a landmark achievement and an absolute delight for all of those involved in saving Dalmatian pelicans in Albania. It is the best possible reward for our dedication and for our great teamwork with the authorities,” said Besjana Sevo, project leader at AOS.

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