EuroNatur Opens Subsidiary in Brussels

With a new subsidiary in Brussels, EuroNatur repositions itself after closing its office for nature conservation policy in Rheinbach near Bonn.

Visual Action in Brussels

Call for a Vjosa National Park: Visual action of our new Brussels staff on the Robert Schuman roundabout. On the left of the picture you can see the Berlaymont building, seat of the European Commission.

© Alexander Louvet

Partners of the "Blue Heart"-campaign after a meeting.

© Jason Alden/Patagonia

Fundamental reason for this decision was: The conservation of Europe‘s rivers and forests must be directly driven by political intervention close to the decision-makers in Brussels. “Since the foundation of EuroNatur, our campaigns and work have always been focussed on Europe. With our new presence in Brussels, we are now even closer to political decision-makers", says Gabriel Schwaderer, Executive Director of EuroNatur.

Thus, the successful nature conservation policy, established by Lutz Ribbe, will continue. The former director for nature conservation policies at EuroNatur went into partial retirement in March 2020. Lutz Ribbe, located in Rheinbach near Bonn, was, for many years, especially fighting for a more ecologically safe and socially just agricultural policy. After closing their subsidiary in Rheinbach, EuroNatur positioned itself in a new way concerning nature conservation policies and is now active in even more areas.

With Bruna Campos we could win an expert for political nature conservation topics; she brings along extensive experience in lobbying nature in Brussels. Thomas Freisinger is working on-site that – when  EU funding of Recovery Funds is allocated –  nature conservation interests are considered. Owing to the Corona situation our new employees are currently working from home in Brussels.

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